Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Health Care Could Pass Next Week

Ultimately the current health care spectacle created by Obama will do nothing to pass health reform. However, Health care reform could pass next week. All that would be required is for Obama and the Democrats in Congress focus on the problem rather than their Utopian Ideals.

Most Americans believe some health care reform is necessary. Most Americans agree that reducing costs is imperative. Most Americans (80+%) are happy with their current healthcare. Health reform is not as complex as Obama is making it. It would not take over 1000 pages of legislation to reduce costs and make health insurance available or all. The problem is there is not enough liberal base support for anything short of a hostile takeover.

This morning the idea of not having a public option was floated. However, by this afternoon, the Obama administration was again backing off and said bi partisanship was dead. Obama is torn between doing what is right by the Nation and appeasing his base. Unfortunately for American Obama's base is winning out. But America could win and win next week if only the LIBs would implement the reforms that are necessary to reduce costs and make health care available to everyone.

All the have to do is allow interstate commerce, allow businesses to band together, and open the federal employee health benefits for the uninsured. These are three easy things that would reduce the costs of securing health insurance and making health insurance available to those who want and need it. Leave out the contentious items and Ameirca would win. The "public option" is a concealed attempt to takeover the American health insurance. Congress doesn't desire opening up their health benefits to everyone because they fear their rates would go up. Instead the Congress would rather develop a system whereas they are well taken care of with "Cadillac Plans" while the masses live with rationed government care.

I can tell you government care is not the way to go. Look at the conditions of Walter Reed. Look at the complaints and lines at the Veterans Administration. Ask a soldier how they feel about their health care. Go to Germany, France, Cuba, Canada, and Great Britain and live for a few years under their systems. Pay their taxes. Make their wages. Compare their health care and lifestyles and to what America has to offer.

The liberal left needs to wake up and get a dose of reality. Their Utopian dreams will be the ruin of America. They are intent on dismantling 18% of the American economy for their dreams. They won't even pass the easy changes to move on to bigger and better things like continuing unemployment. Instead Obama wants to change his talking points weekly to find the right chord. His song and dance is not working and a majority of Americans are against him. Obama may be able to jam this through. Obama may even be able to overcome his losses. But the Democrats will lose and may never recover. After years of the vocal left denigrating America while the silent majority remained silent, America is waking up and the silent majority is silent no more.

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