Friday, September 4, 2009

The Divine Right Of the Media: Where's the Vaunted Media Vetting Process

A little over a year ago John McCain announced his running mate was Sarah Palin. The media never heard of Sarah and sent hundreds of lawyers and Private investigators to Alaska to dig up dirt on the sitting Governor. Charles Gibson received the first media interview with her. Gibson commenced to talk down to Palin, Gibson ridiculed Palin, Gibson tried to school her with bogus questions. The left hailed the vetting process as necessary and derided McCain for not vetting Palin prior to selection. Gibson claimed he and the rest of the pathetic pawns had the right, responsibility, and duty to vet the candidates. Katie Couric followed up the Gibson interview with one of her own. Again the pathetic pawns derided Palin and set out to knock her down all in the name of vetting the candidate.

Now the pathetic pawns never bothered vetting Obama. The pathetic pawns bowed to the "Chosen One" and worshiped the ground Obama walked. When Obama run into problems with the tax cheating nominees, the pathetic pawns said Obama's own vetting process was too difficult. The pathetic Pawns filed to see that Obama wasn't vetting anyone. Obama nominated Geithner the tax cheat. Obama nominated Daschle the tax cheat. Obama in fact nominated at least 5 high level cabinet officials who were tax cheats. Not much of a vetting process at all if you ask me.

All this lack of vetting never raised the curiosity of the pathetic pawns. Now the pathetic pawns won't even mention that yet another appointee that is controversial. Anthony "Van" Jones is a Communist. Anthony "Van" Jones is a 9/11 truther nut. Anthony Jones is a liar. Even though Anthony "Van" Jones the "Green Czar" is a far left whack job and the pathetic pawns remain silent. Americans have received nary a word from Charles Gibson. Where is Gibson's sense of duty now? Gibson made seem as though he had a duty to the American people. Now the truth is being revealed and Gibson is showing himself to have a duty to Obama and not the viewers of his propaganda machine.

The vaunted vetting machine that the liberal media professed last year is only vaunted when the pathetic pawns are going after a conservative. The pathetic pawns have fallen in line with the rest of the elitists that are now running our country. These elitists believe they are smarter than the masses. The elitists are running our country into the ground for their idealistic simpleton views. The elitists don't live in the real world. They live in a fantasy and they are forcing their views on the rest of us. Our media has fallen for the simpleton view and has become nothing more than pathetic pawns for the rest of the elitists. The pathetic pawns are the mouthpiece to push a one-sided elitist view. America must wake up and not fall for the lies the elitist tell and not fall for the propaganda the pathetic pawns push.

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