Monday, September 7, 2009

Democrats: Bad Faith Negotiations

Obama and the Democrats are involve in bad faith negotiations with the gang of six. There is absolutely no way health care reform will pass without a public option. The house will leave the public option as is. The Senate can pass whatever it wants including one without the public option. During conference the public option will be added back in.

The Democrats are intent on getting this public option through the back door. The negotiations are nothing more than an attempt to display a false sense of Bi partisanship. There never was a sincere attempt at bi-partisanship. The Democrats keep saying Obama has been working hard at developing a Bi partisan bill. Nothing could be further from the truth. Obama hasn't been involved at all except for perhaps promising negotiations while giving the Democrats a wink and a nod.

Obama has been voting present during the entire process. Obama delegated responsibility. Obama should have outlined a bill he would support. Instead he left that to the Democrats in Congress. While it is true that Congress writes the bills. It is also true that Presidents outline direction. Obama has not lead. Obama has been on the sideline and now is looking to circumvent the process. Democrats know they do not have to the votes to pass legislation in its current form under the current rules. The negotiations are in bad faith and democrats have no intention of passing health care that can be supported by the majority of Americans.

The three main problems with Democrat sponsored health care bills are the public Option, the support for illegal immigration, and the support for abortion all at the expense of the American tax payer. The public option is a hostile government takeover of health care. It will place the government front and center on deciding the fate of care for the elderly. Just like in Oregon where the State refused to provide desired patient care but instead offered euthanasia, our federal government with its bureaucrats will be sending out letters advising patients on how to end their lives. The left argues this already happens with private insurers. This may be true. However the government is supposed to be looking out for the well being of the disadvantaged not looking out for its own benefit.

The other two contentious issues the left has to lie and say their plans do not cover Abortions and Illegal immigrants. The problem is that both are covered in the bill. Abortion remains silent in the bill. It is not explicitly denied, which means that it is approved. No matter which side of the abortion issue one is on, abortion should not be funded with tax payer money. The Democrats also say illegal immigrants are not covered. Yet the numbers they through around concerning uninsured people counts the illegal immigrants. The 46 million uninsured in America counts at least 10 Million illegal immigrants and another 20 Million that are eligible for either medicare or SHIP and have not registered or can afford insurance but choose not to have it. That of course leaves 15-17 million people that are uninsured and require a safety net.

The Democrats are overhauling 18% of the economy for the sake of 5% of the population. Instead of holding bad faith negotiations the democrats should sit down with Republicans and fix the problems with our health care. The problems are for the 15-17 million people without insurance who can't afford it, the private insurers refusal to provide insurance for those with pre-existing conditions, and those that are left uninsured while unemployed. These are simple fixes that could be enacted overnight. The problem is the Democrats would rather conduct bad faith negotiations, tell lies, takeover another 18% of the economy against the will of the people.

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