Friday, September 18, 2009

A Day Of Infamy: Obama Reneges On America's Promise

Obama is being hailed today in of all places Russia. American involvement in the cold war went for naught on 17 SEP 2009. This day will live in infamy as the day Obama reneged on America's promise of mutual defense. Obama capitulated on the exact day Russia invaded Poland just 70 years later. Obama broke America's promise of mutual defense as part of the NATO charter. The hope of two former Eastern European former Warsaw pact nations were denied a missile defense shield promised by America.

The era of appeasement is in full swing. Obama has been busy traveling the world apologizing to our enemies and ostracizing our allies. Obama went to Egypt and apologized to the Islamic radicals of the world and denounced the Israeli's. Obama traveled to Mexico and opened the doors for illegals immigrants. Obama hailed Venezuelan Dictator Hugo CHavez and denounced an Honduran ouster of another leftist dictator. Obama opened arms to Cuba and distributed DVD's from the wrong region to our best ally in the British. Now Obama forsakes our sworn duty of mutual defense under NATO agreements and leaves Poland and the Czechs to fend for themselves. Obama emboldens our enemies in hopes of being "liked". Obama forsakes our allies in hopes of being "Liked" by a world of radicals.

Obama has made America appear weak and defenseless against our enemies. The Iranians can build the nuclear weapon that could reach Eastern Europe and Obama has decided it prudent to leave them open to attack. This all to appease Putin the former KGB agent. Putin very well might "like" the idea of Obama opening the door to Eastern Europe, but Putin no longer respects American strength. Yes my friends today is a day of infamy. Today is the day America reneged on a promise so Obama could be liked. Today is the day America allowed the Russians to rape Poland exactly 70 years after the last time Russia raped Poland. The Poles and the Czechs are correct today is the day America betrayed our allies.

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