Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cries Of Racism Are Old and Have Become Ineffective

As soon as Obama secured the Democratic Nomination for the Presidency the cries of racism started. Obama himself began the racebaiting by mentioning "people won't vote for him because doesn't look like the other Presidents on the dollar". The media has followed suit by offering story after story how everything anti-Obama must have a tint of racism.

Take for instance the recent flap regarding Representative Joe Wilson calling Obama a liar during a highly partisan speech before Congress. The Democrats, liberals, and media went crazy with shock. The outlets all cried about the tint of racism that led to the outburst by Wilson. The media overlooked the fact that Obama himself was calling the opponents of his health care reform liars. By the left's logic and the medias rationalization wouldn't that make Obama in fact a racist? Obama engaged in the exact same behavior that Wilson did yet Obama is held beyond reproach while Wilson is called out as a racist.

Obama's pal Van Jones resigned from Obama's administration. The democrats, media, and liberals cried out racism as Van Jones was forced out. Never mind that Van Jones himself used racial profiling when he stated that black people have never committed a Columbine like attack. That statement by Van Jones alone should have been more than enough to relieve a racist from their duties, but rather than hail the Bloggers, Glenn Beck, and Fox News for exposing a blatant racist the left attacked relentlessly.

The left along with Obama also attacked Beck for calling Obama a racist. Beck called the President out for the inappropriate and obvious race baiting comments surrounding Officer Crowley and Professor Gates. Obama race baited and used racial profiling when he whined that his friend Gates was arrested. Obama called the Cambridge Police Officers "Stupid". Obama made this comment even after adding the caveat that he didn't know the facts of the case. Obama showed he is in fact the racist. The media has proven that every time Obama heads south in the polls they will use race baiting and cry racism to inflame the left. The media cries of racism are nothing more than yellow journalism. The left wing propaganda machine has no interest in reporting facts. Their interest is in inflaming the left to keep the flame alive for their chosen President.

The cries of racism at every turn is getting old. The race baiting President and his ilk are losing their message. America today is more divided than every along racial lines. One must ask themselves why? The answer of course is that Obama is not the post racial President but rather the most racist President America has ever known.


HeyJude said...

Obama is, and has always been, the racist in this political season.

My very first post was about that theme, when the PUMA movement began as the Democrat Party sought to sell its' soul to win with its' chosen candidate - at any cost:

Sad place we've wound up in, in America in the 21st century. Who would ever have thought?

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree. I wrote a couple of Blogs concerning how this was going to set races relation back a century or more.

In the end Americans are not racists. Sure we have a few but there are more that like using racism as a crutch to mask their own short comings and laziness. It is much easier to blame racism than it is to go out and perform.

Anonymous said...

Great Post

The Lizard said...

I agree Jude. It has come down to America electing the most racist President with the most fawning and race-baiting Media ever.

Anonymous said...

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