Monday, September 14, 2009

ACORN: Is The Third Time A Charm?

ACORN claims to be a family oriented organization. Yet for the third time in a week ACORN has been caught on tape provided advice on establishing a brothel with underage working girls. The girls were supposedly going to be brought in through the international sex trade business. A life of forced prostitution is what awaited a few underage girls had this been a real prostitute and her pimp.

Fortunately for America, this was not real pimp and prostitute but rather a simple sting operation. Two concerned citizens decided it was time to do some investigative reporting, something our fawning pathetic pawns forgot how to do anytime a Democrat is elected as President. The pathetic pawns have forgotten how to investigate and how to report the real news. This ACORN story is not just one office in one city. No it is widespread and has occurred in Washington DC, Baltimore, and now New York City.

ACORN still receives taxpayer funds. The Obama administration ned to explain to the American people why an organization that has obvious widespread corruption can still be feeding from the government trough. The Obama administration needs to explain why Obama's own actions while serving as lawyer and training this corrupt organization is not being investigated. ACORN has committed voter fraud crimes and now advised potential clients on how to establish illegal brothels. This is not a run of the mill family organization. No instead it is an organization that destroys humanity and is engaged in the international sex trade crimes.

Where oh where are the pathetic pawns. They have been absent from their duty for a long time. It is high time the pathetic pawns started investigating the connections between Obama and this sleazy organization. Advising potential clients on establishing illegal businesses and avoiding taxes should be immediately shut down. This is not individual crimes perpetrated by one or two rogue employees. No this is organized crime being perpetrated by the organization at the highest levels. I wonder how much training Obama provided to ACORN employees on advising Prostitutes and pimps? I wonder if the third time will be a charm and America wakes up from this nightmare and refuses to provide taxpayer funds to a despicable organization.

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