Monday, August 10, 2009

Who's Un-American?

Ordinarily I would be amused at the antics of Pelosi and Hoyer today. Calling the majority of Americans who oppose their brand of socialized health care is hysterical. Unfortunately, this is no laughing matter. Even the White House doesn't support Nancy in calling Americans engaged in peaceful protests Un-American. This incident is yet another black eye for the Democrats and the Pathetic Pawns who enabled them space to push the unpatriotic viewpoints.

When I awoke this morning I couldn't believe my eyes. Nancy and Steny had a prime opinion space in USA Today to spout their unpatriotic hatred for America. I don't know which is worse....That our political leaders would denigrate Americans or the pathetic pawns that enabled them to spout their unpatriotic message. This editorial comes on the heels of Pelosi declaring Americans protesting her socialist plans were the same as the Nazi's. This comes on the heels of Nancy and Harry deciding to play political games with the lives of our soldiers by denying them funding. This comes on the heels of Harry saying "the war is lost". This comes on the heels Nancy establishing a shadow government after the 2006 elections. I must wonder who is more Un-American....The people or the self serving politicians.

The media is no better. On top of allowing this little piece in their paper the editors i=of USA Today wrote another article. They claimed misinformation was the driving force. Of course they were quick to point out what they felt was false but never pointed or defended their position of why it was misinformation. In case the pathetic pawns did not know they can not claim misinformation without facts and by the way claiming that some organization says it is false does not make it so.

I can tell you what is Un-American. It is Un-American to call in Union thugs to "punch twice as hard. It is Un-American to call peaceful protesters "Nazi's". It is Un-American to call dissent Un-American. It is Un-American to create an enemies list of people that disagree with Presidential policies initiatives. It is Un-American for the pathetic pawns to push their own narrow minded viewpoint in the name of a free press. Again I would be laughing if it were not such a serious issue. The Democrats are hijacking America; Americans be damned.

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