Sunday, August 30, 2009

What Bi Partisan Health Bill?

Pass it for Kennedy, that what Democrats and the pathetic pawns in the media are pushing concerning health care. The left including their propaganda wing that masquerades as our Nation's media, are attempting to blame their failures on the Republicans. The left is inquiring why the Republicans are not backing bi-partisan health care reform. Or is health insurance reform, one never knows Obama and the democrats have changed their words to solidify the floor their health reform is falling through. After blaming insurance companies, republicans, and radicals, the democrats are now saying pass it for Kennedy.

The Pathetic Pawns are claiming Republicans are pulling away from bi-partisan bills in Congress. The problem is in the House there are no bills under consideration that are bi partisan. The three bills under consideration were developed in a vacuum. Liberal democrats wrote the bills in committee without any input from the Republicans. Bi partisan to Nancy Pelosi is agreeing whatever her socialized agenda says is good regardless of the American people. In the Senate there are two bills. One is being worked by the gang of six. There are three Democrats and three Republicans working on a bi partisan bill. The other bill in the Senate is just as libeal and socialized as the three in the house. The Bi partisan bill in the Senate is not the one everyone is rallying behind. No it is a red herring. Democrats are using the Gang of six for cover.

The Liberals will hold that one bill up as proof they worked with Republicans. The problem is the liberals have been busy deriding the bill and the gang of six. Now that two of the three Republicans from the gang of six are pulling back the democrats are pushing how insincere the republicans are. Sorry my friends the insincerity comes from the left. Never once has the left even considered the bi partisan bill. They allowed the gang of six to work on it and even if it passed in the Senate it would be reconciled and come out much different in the end. The bi partisan bill would lose out in reconciliation and pass along party lines. The left would claim they worked with Republicans and say it was the republicans that refused to negotiate in good faith.

There is no bi partisanship in the Congress. The language and actions of Democrats prove this. "I won" is not partisanship. Telling the opposition to "shut up" is not bi partisanship. Calling opposition Nazi's is not bi partisanship. Calling opposition "racists" is not bi partisanship. Please let me know when the democrats are serious about bi-partisanship. Please let me know when the democrats want to lead a country rather than a movement or political party. Believe there is no bi-partisan health bill that will ever see the light of day. America should not just pass a bill on health reform simply because a politician died. Especially Kennedy, wasn't it Kennedy that allowed a young woman to drown without calling for medical help until the next day? Kennedy denied a young woman medical help and allowed her to drown. Now we the American people are supposed to rally around Kennedy and pass a bad health reform bill in his memory. What did Kennedy do to deserve such an honor?

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