Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tyranny and Arrogance

The Democrats have failed to lead and their failure is leading American down the path of tyranny. The arrogance of both political parties is failing America. The health care debacle is a prime example of a failed piece of legislation not going by the wayside because of arrogance. The philosophical language of "I won" demonstrates the lack of concern for the American people. The arrogance of the phrase "I won" is the problem with our current political establishment.

Last January, Barack Obama sat down with the Republican Leadership to bring them into the fold and talk them into supporting an ill advised economic stimulus plan. The Republicans had ideas but the President didn't want ideas. What Obama wanted was blind obedience. When the Republicans balked Obama told the Republicans they needed to get on Board because "I won". Obama attempted to railroad Republicans and bully them into submission. Alas the Republicans backed away from the poor stimulus package and it passed the house by straight party lines and passed the Senate with a scant three Republican votes. There was no compromise, nor was there any negotiations for a bi-partisan stimulus bill. No Obama followed the Keynesian path and passed near a trillion dollars of debt onto our children.

Now we have health care debates around the country. A majority of Americans have sttod up and said they do not want this version of government run health care. The President changes his failing rhetoric on a weekly basis. As the Congress adjourned for the summer recess, Obama provided his marching orders. Attack the Republicans as fear mongerers, attack townhall vocal protesters as being ignorant, attack the protesters as being right wing extremists, attack the protesters as paid obstructionists, and attack the protesters as Un-American NAZI supporters. After a week Obama saw his polling numbers sink further. So he changed his message. Instead of attacking Republicans and citizens Obama tacked left and charged that his health care reform was not really health care reform at all but rather Health insurance reform. Obama and the Democrats began demonizing the health insurance companies. No whne this tack failed to bring the masses on board Obama sent his surogates out to instruct that the public option was not necessary. When the left wing screamed Obama again moved to the left and placed the blame on Republicans.

Now Obama is blaming Republicans and urging the Democrats to go it alone. Pass health care without any Republicans. Claim the Republicans will not negotiate in good faith. Claim it is the fault of Republicans that the filibuster proof majority can not pass legislation. There are no less than 5 different draft bills out there. The house has three versions and the Senate at least two. There is only one plan that is being worked in bi-partisan fashion. "The Gang of six" in the Senate are working together to produce a plan between 3 democrats and three republicans. The President doesn't desire the bi partisan plan though. What Obama desires is a path to socialize the health industry. Obama needs a path to socialism to get his minions to support the plan. Threatening to pass unilateral legislation is not negotiating. Threatening to split the bill so that the most radical and unpopular parts of the bill can pass with the least amount of support. Democrats are floating the idea of circumventing the rules of the Senate in an effort to pass legislation that does not have majority support in the American opinion.

When House member Massa from New York said he did not care what his constituents thought he was going to vote for himself. This is destructive behavior. America has a representative form of government. Our Representatives are supposed to vote for their constituents. The Representatives are not supposed to be ideologues and toe the party line at the expense of their constituents. Voting against the wishes of the constituents is called a Tyranny not a democracy.

The two party system has corrupted of form of a democratic republic. Instead of the two legislative bodies representing the will of the people the two bodies represent the will of the respective parties. There have been some on the left usurping the legislative process and attempting to discredit our system. The feel that every state having two senators regardless of population is unfair. What the partisans do not see is that it is the gerrymandered districts that have led us towards the path of an ineffective and corrupt government rule. The gerrymandered districts are established to keep the political parties in power rather than the people. Instead of debating issues America is debating philosophy. That makes consensus building difficult if not impossible. Grown adults can agree to disagree. Grown adults compromise on issues. However grown adults have difficulty overcoming philosophical differences. The left versus right, liberal versus conservative, and Democrat versus Republican ideologies have made debate impossible. This divide empowers the political parties and their supporting lobbyists and divides Americans. America is not really protesting health care. A majority of Americans recognize there are problems with our current health care system. However, Americans are protesting an arrogant and corrupt government. America is a democracy led by the people, not a tyranny led y a despot. Now is the time to stand up and take our government back. Now is the time to return the government back to the people. Stand up America and take our country back from the career politicians and special interests. Leave Tyranny and arrogance to the third world so America can remain the leader of the free world.

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