Monday, August 24, 2009

Obama's Healthcare: An Operation to Die For

Obama and the Democrats are proposing a government takeover of the health care industry. Nancy Pelosi says "Health care will not pass without a public option". Obama says the public option will lead to a single payer system. Liberals from all different ilks hail universal care and single payer as the only path health care can take. Anything short of a hostile takeover by our government will be a failure. But is government health care what America really wants? We have seen government failures time and again. In a short (or long depending on point of view) seven months Obama has managed to push our country to the brink of bankruptcy. Obama pushed for a $787 billion dollar stimulus that has failed. Obama pushed a $3 billion "cash for clunkers" program that fueled for auto makers and punished American resale and salvage companies. Obama has pushed for a cap and trade program that will necessarily raise energy costs on all Americans. Now Obama wants to ensure Americans are held hostage by taking over our health care.

Is that really what Americans desire? I know the unions are pushing hard for the public option. Obama himself called in the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) to counteract the independent and Republican push against the takeover. Today we find out why the unions are pushing so hard. It seems the United Auto Workers union stands to gain $10 billion dollars in government handouts. No wonder the unions are backing the government plan. There are many unprincipled organizations that would sell their souls for $10 billion dollars. But again I must ask is this what America desires? Is this what America needs?

I can tell you what happens when in the government only systems currently available. Today it was announced that the veterans administration sent out letters to 1800 veterans telling them they were about to die. That wasn't the exact words but it was close enough. The Veterans Administration sent out letters to veterans informing them they had a fatal disease called "Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis" (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. The disease is 100% fatal and usually consumes life within 18 months of diagnosis. Then the same vets were informed they could receive a copy of "Your Life, Your Choices". This is a book the pushes one towards "end of life" decisions, rightly called a "death book". As it turns out the letters were sent out by mistake. There was some "coding error" that resulted in sending out the letters. Again, I must ask is this the type of care we desire in America?

I must wonder if the "death panels" the democrats were pushing are intended to discourage the elderly and push the aged towards doctor assisted suicide. I know the liberals all run screaming the death panels are a figment of the imagination but Obama has said that end of life decisions should be made by "doctors, scientists, and ethicists". After seeing mistakes like the Veterans Administration just made does anyone believe the government is competent? Obama and the Democrats are hijacking the health care industry in an effort to wrangle in the American public. The elitists left wants America to believe they know what is best for America, yet they can't even run a relatively small health care program without talking about ending lives. If this is how our government treats the veterans who fought to defend the country how do you think the government will treat the masses? Obama's health care plan is an operation to die for.

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