Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Obamacare: The Big Lie

Today Obama spoke in New Hampshire and informed the audience he was not for a single payer system.

I guess this means he was for a single payer system before he was against it.

Really this is the first we heard Obama was against a single payer system because when he was campaigning and speaking to his friendly crowds he was always for the single payer system.

I wonder who is trying to bamboozle who? This is another fine example of how Obama says whatever the people want to hear but doing something entirely different. Under Obama care America will transition to a socialized single payer government run system. The only choice comes in if we already have insurance. Everyone else will go into the government run plan. As the numbers necessarily dwindle in the private the insurance rates will increase forcing private insurers out of business. That is the plan as written. The only ones grandfathered out of the public option are those that currently have insurance. Those that lose their jobs in the future and enter the public system are not allowed out of the system. So the problem Obama has with the transition to the single payer system will be taken care of through attrition. He is right when he said he foresees it taking 5, 10, 20 years. It won't be immediate but mark my words in the future Americans will only be entitled to government run medical services.

I am sure the pathetic pawns in the fawning media will hail Obama's words as the gospel. I am sure Obama parsed his words well enough to deny the lie latter on. Obama is a lawyer and knows how to twist words to make them mean something entirely different. I consider this the biggest lie yet from Obama; no matter how much parsing of words Obama does it will never change the lies he just told his audience.

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