Sunday, August 23, 2009

Obama: Spin Machine Failing

The Obama spin machine is failing in the eyes of the public. One year ago Obama could do no wrong. Obama's lofty rhetoric was hailed as pragmatism. Obama's continually pandering to any audience was hailed as nuance. Obama's was supposed to be the post racial President. The spin machine wove a web of deceit that many Americans fell for hook, line, and sinker.

Obama pushed for health reform to be passed by the August Congressional recess. When the Congress failed to pass comprehensive health reform, Obama spun it as everything was on track and the deadline was a "goal" rather than a "deadline". We must ask ourselves why would Obama want to rush this through so quickly when none of the legislators had read the pending legislation. The answer lies in the American people. Obama did not want Congress to leave for their districts to be influenced by their constituents. Obama didn't want the American people involved in the process. Obama just wanted the Congress to ram through a Health care bill.

As the House recessed and visited their districts the legislators were met with many questions. The politicians attempted to spin away the concerns of the American public. When that didn't work Pelosi claimed Americans were NAZI's. Pelosi and Hoyer had the audacity to call protestoers "Un-American". Obama then changed tacks and said Democrats were not reforming health care they were reforming health insurance. Obama and his spin machine started whining about misinformation and "astroturfing". However, it wasn't the insurance industry that was busing in protesters. No it was Obama calling in favors from the Service Employees International Union members and ACORN and having them bus in supporters.

Now the spin machine is claiming it is the Republicans that are blocking his center piece legislation. However, this is disingenuous at best. The Democrats have 257 members in the house and 60 seats in the Senate. They can pass anything they desire. No need for a single vote Republican vote in either chamber. The Democrats however, understand that to pass sweeping legislation that is opposed by a majority of the public would be disastrous. They understand that with mid term elections right around the corner that passing a bill with zero Republicans leave them no one to blame but themselves.

I was always told that there are at least two sides to every argument. Nothing could be more accurate in the debate over health care. The liberal Democrats developed 3 bills in the House with no input from the Republicans. In fact the Republican bill lies in committee and won't even be considered. We do have two sides to this debate and I would surmise the truth between the actual plans and the rhetoric from both sides lies somewhere in the middle. The key is finding which side is more truthful. One clue to who is more accurate in their talking points is finding who changes their story more and who remains steadfast. In the case of health care Obama and the Democrats are struggling with who to blame, what they are reforming, and who is putting out misinformation. The Republicans have remained steadfast int heir position. So while I do not trust everything the Republicans are putting out, I must believe they are much closer to the truth than the party that changes their talking points and rhetoric every week as they struggle to find something that resonates. The Obam spin machine is failing as we see more and more that Obama and the Democrats have no desire to lead America. The Democrats only desire leading other democrats.

Unfortunately, that is the problem with the two party system. Our career politicians in Washington forget their constituents except when it is time for re-election. Congressmen work for their constituents when an election draws near. Other than that the Congressmen work for their political parties and special interests. Americans have lost faith in government and it showed in the last election. Most Americans fell for the "Hope and Change" mantra. But not we are finding that "Hope and Change" only meant we changed political parties, we changed which crooks feed at the government trough, and we changed which fanatical fringe base drove the agenda and we are still hoping the American public can have the country back. In 2010, America needs to vote out any house member that has been in Washington over 6 years and every senator that has been Washington over 12 years. These career political hacks forgot who they work for.

We Americans are supposed to remain respectful of our legislators. Yet our legislators disrespect us every day. Our legislators forgot who they work for. They want the American people to grovel at their feet. Sure the legislators return to their districts and States during recesses and elections, but once they head back to Washington they laugh and scoff at the lower masses. The career politicians mock their constituents. The career politicians are elitists that believe they are better than the people rather than a representative of the people.

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