Saturday, August 8, 2009

Obama: A Gang Leader At Best

America has elected a gang leader rather than a President. The pathetic pawns in the media have attempted to compare Obama to the likes of Roosevelt, Lincoln, Reagan, and others. Some have even compared him to Carter. Upon reflecting on Obama's style it appears Obama is closer to "Cyrus" from a 1979 movie called "The Warriors' , than any president America has ever known.

Yes Obama has more traits in common with Cyrus the gang leader than any President in our history. The pathetic pawns have fallen all over themselves with glowing reports on Obama's eloquence and intelligence. Cyrus was eloquent and intelligent. Obama organized labor thugs, Cyrus organized New York City's gangs. Obama fooled the American people into believing his version of socialism was the right path. Cyrus fooled the gangs of New York that they could all get along. Now Obama is calling on his thugs to bring violence to peaceful protestations. When Cyrus was shot and killed in the movie, the gangs brought violence towards an innocent gang. The parallels between the Movie "The Warriors" and Obama could not be closer. The left was decrying the Bush administration as "Cowboy" diplomacy. Now we have elected a criminal gang leader.

Obama's health care is a miserable failure. The masses do not want Obama to takeover 20% of the American economy. Americans prefer not to have a Canadian style system that is rationed. Americans do not want a European health system that lags 20 years behind America in technology. American tax payers do not have a desire to fund abortions. Americans do not wish to have doctor assisted suicide as mandatory consultations near the end of life. Americans do not wish to have Obama's death panel deciding who receives care because they might be productive versus who doesn't receive health care because some bureaucrats decide that person can not be productive.
The left attacked Sarah Palin last summer because she decided to have a baby with Downs Syndrome. Under Obama's health care plan Obama's death panel would have mandated an abortion or threatened not to pay for future health benefits. Americans are beginning to see exactly what Obama is proposing and protesting against the socialized health care he is pushing.

Obama has now called in his thugs. SEIU was out in force at congressional townhalls. Allies like Pelosi and Reid are claiming Nazi symbolism and "astroturfing" is bringing their health care takeover down. What was once peaceful has now turned violent as the left can't understand being demonstrated. All they really know is how to protest and demonstrate. Now that it is the left that America is protesting the left resorts to the only thing they know; violence. They left decided to stage events with only those that would move their ideas forward. When this failed the union thugs began beating the opposition. Obama the leader brought this on himself.

Obama once said "if they bring knife, we bring a gun". Just the other day he said "Hit them twice as hard. To his faithful gang followers he said "Get in their faces". Then to ACORN he said "I don't want to quell anger, I think people are right to be angry, I am angry." To his opponents he said "I won". These words and phrases are not Presidential. The words and phrases are something a gang leader would say. Obama is a pretty boy that brings violence and race baiting into everything he does. Obama is showing his true colors and it isn't pretty. Pretty boy Obama with his eloquent speeches rallies his thugs but leaves Americans bailing on his agenda. Yes AMerica we voted for a gang leader not a leader of the free world. Obama will destroy A nation with his childish antics.

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