Monday, August 31, 2009

Government Healthcare: Not An American Utopia

America is speaking nationwide and what is clear around the country is that Americans are not buying into Government run health care. There are deep seated reasons why Americans don't desire a government system but they all revolve around one reason. Americans don't desire Government run health because they cherish their freedom.

Freedom to an average American is far more important than the Utopian dream of universal health care. The American lifestyle is such that Americans want the freedom to spend what they earn rather than have a Government spend what they earn for them. The American dream is such that we love opportunity and love the freedoms that we have. America is the envy of the world, not because of our mighty military, not because of our mighty greenback, not because of our ingenuity, and certainly not because of our health care system; no we are the envy of the world because of our freedoms. An American is born with the freedom of choice and no government can take that away. America sets the bar for freedom around the world. We love our gas guzzling cars and cheap gasoline. We love our freedom of speech. We love our freedom to express ourselves. We love our freedom to bear arms. Americans truly love the individual freedoms expressly laid out in our Constitution.

America is not the land of the ruled. America is not the land fairness but rather the land of equal opportunity. Americans own their government not the other way around. Americans will never willingly give these freedoms up. Our right to be free is the reason why the Utopian idealism expressed through vehicles such as universal health care ring hollow. Young Americans want the freedom of choice. The freedom to choose whether or not to carry health insurance. Young Americans would rather make the decision of purchasing a sports car or health insurance. Middle aged Americans desire the freedom to choose what insurance policy they desire for themselves and their family. Americans of all ages desire a health system that is beneficial to their owns ideals. Americans do not desire the Government making these choices for them.

In order for universal health care to work and still be somewhat cost effective is for everyone to be forced to have health care. So liberal left in America has decided to take the rights away of the many to support the few. This Utopian thought will by nature take away the rights of every American to make choices. The liberal left believes it is the right of the commune to make these decisions for the "brain dead" others. The elitists in our country want to make these decisions for us. The elitists believe they are more intelligent, more in touch, and more feeling than the rest of America. The liberal left desires ramming Government health care through because to them the ends justifies the means. To the elitists in this country, it is by divine right that they make the choices for the masses.

Where Government health care goes wrong is that is takes away choices from average Americans. This takeover proposed by the left in our country is not about having a safety net for the underprivileged. No the liberal left does not desire a simple safety net for those that can't afford coverage, those that lost their benefits (those between jobs), those that have pre existing coverage, no what the liberal left proposes is an outright takeover of the health care system. America can have health coverage for those that desire it without resorting to European government systems.

The liberals in our country hail government systems similar to institutions like Canada, France, Cuba, Germany, and Great Britain. What they seemly can't bring themselves to tell you is that Canadians cross the border for American medicine because the waiting lines in Canada are unbearable. They don't tell you that in Britain babies are born in hallways rather than delivery rooms. What they don't tell you is that the tax rate in Germany to cover everyone is crippling. What they don't tell you is that France's system drains the Countries reserves and unemployment is through the roof in their two class system. The left also does not tell you that while Cuba offers everyone health care they also offer prison terms for dissenters. All of these great universal health care systems run by the government have taken their citizens rights away. This includes the right to make informed decisions on how to spend their hard earned money.

Government run health care is not an American Utopia. Similar to other government schemes this one takes rights away from the citizenry. An American Utopia is where are the freest of the free. We are the home of the brave and the land of the free. No liberal Utopia can take that away. Americans want to choose how and when to sped their money. Americans are all for providing safety nets, what Americans are unwilling to do is give up their freedoms. Remember we are the envy of the world because of freedoms, don't give those freedoms away to the elitists.

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