Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fix Health Care Don't Replace Health Care

Obama is the lead cheerleader for socializing our health care system. We have seen Government run health care for years and let me tell you it isn't pretty. All one has to do is look into the military health care system, the veterans administration, and medicare and see why Obamacare and government run health care will fail. Remember the horrendous condition at Walter Reed? The rat infested hell our soldiers faced if injured in conflict. Ask any veteran about veterans hospitals and Veterans Administration bureaucracy including waiting for months for procedures. The VA rationing of health care is an injustice to our former military members. Medicare is a system that is set to bankrupt our country. The system will fail in seven years. This is the options Democrats and Obama are proposing for all Americans. Instead of focusing on what is wrong with health care the liberal elite are revamping the entire system.

The main issues with health care today are the 10-15 million poor that can not afford health insurance, the unemployed that are transitioning to new employment, and those with pre-existing conditions. The rest are Americans that "Choose" not to have insurance, usually the young adults that feel Herculean and don't need in insurance. Overhauling the greatest health care system in the world is akin to purchasing a new car just because the car is missing and sputtering. Instead of taking the car to the mechanic for a tune up the liberal left wants a new car.

We should be focusing on what ails the health system. Co-Ops is one idea. Allow the States (with federal aid) establish a Co-Op to care for the group consisting of the poor and unemployed. Allow small business to Co-Op. Mandate pre-existing conditions are not a disqualifier. I think this could be written in 100 pages or less, rather than the 1000 page government takeover of health care. We need to fix health care not replace health care. Just remember what government run health care looks like and we will all understand why people are angry.

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