Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Don't Waste A Good Tragedy

Today we learned about the death of Edward Kennedy. Kennedy has been a stalwart in the Senate since 1962. Teddy is the last in a line of brothers that sought the highest office in the land. The two older siblings were assassinated while Teddy couldn't quite overcome Mary Jo Kopechne "the lady in the lake". Today is a day of mourning for the Kennedy family and Ted's liberal flock of faithful followers. Yet one of his faithful followers has decided not to waste a good tragedy.

Following the advice of Rahm Emanuel to never allow a crisis to go to waste; Nancy Pelosi decided to play politics the same day Kennedy died. Pelosi couldn't even wait until after the first sunset before succumbing to her unscrupulous desire to ramrod the American public. Within hours of learning of Kennedy's death; Pelosi came out swinging saying now is the time to pass healthcare to remember Kennedy. No need for further debate. No need to revise a bad plan that is falling apart at the seams. No need because well Kennedy died so we must pass legislation due to nostalgia rather than due diligence. Pelosi couldn't even wait for the Democrat led political gathering disguised as a memorial or funeral to start her diatribe. No she started early.

The Democrats have learned nothing since the Paul Wellstone memorial service that made Moderate democrats, independents, and republicans sick with disgust. The Democrat's nasty and unappealing behavior at the Wellstone memorial lost them the 2002 election. Yet the democrats learned nothing. The Democrats failed to learn that Americans don't play politics at funeral and memorial services. Pelosi started early and rather than mourn on long serving Senator from the liberal left, Pelosi played the part of a partisan hack. Rather than celebrate a remembrance for what Kennedy did that was good in his life, Pelosi played politics. Rather than allow the Kennedy family what is rightfully a mourning period, Pelosi just can't allow a good tragedy go to waste.

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Anonymous said...

Peolsi may be making a mistake. The American people don't want the government taking over matters of life and death (their relationship with their doctor), and I hope her appeal to emotion will only bring her more contempt from the people. On a side note, I didn't notice any of the media pawns mention the "Lady in the lake" either. Pathetic.