Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Americans Lose to Obamacare

Americans are about to lose to Obama and the liberal democrats in Congress. Obama is not listening and the democrats refuse to read their own bill. Obama is demonizing the health insurance companies and democrats are calling Americans "Nazis". Obama calls in his union SEIU thugs to create violence (punch them twice as hard), Democrats are calling the people Un-American.

Support for Obamacare is sinking. Today 53% OF Americans oppose and disapprove of Obamacare while garnering just 42% support and approval. Strong opposition rises to 44% while strong support musters a mere 26%. A full 30% of democrats even oppose Obama's plan. Townhalls have become forums for the opposition to express their outright disapproval. Congressman David Scott lost control during one of his townhalls. Mr. Scott found it prudent to push the Obama playbook of accusing his constituent of not being from the district. Mr. Scott found it prudent to berate and chastise his constituent for asking a simple question. Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez disguised her recent townhall as a prayer vigil. Congressman Scott Murphy held announced a townhall with less than 24 hours advance notice. Mr Murphy propped up his support by filling the room with his ardent supporters from Moveon.org. Obviously the democrats are not listening to their constituents.

The problem is that the democrats nor Obama are able to further listen to the American people. Obama's political life depends on passing socialized medicine as does that of the liberal democrats in Congress. The main reason for pushing for Obamacare before the August recess is that Obamacare must pass this year. Another failed effort to socialize the American health system will doom both Obama and the Democrat Party. Should Obamacare languish in Congress through this year and into next year it will never pass in this Congress. One might wonder why. Let me tell you next year is an election year. Health care is a politically charged issue with passions running deep on both sides of the argument. Should Democrats and Obama fail the 2010 elections will be horrendous. The "blue dogs" will have more liberal democrats run in primaries against them. Much like Ned Lamont did to Lieberman in 2006. The democrats would eat themselves up and Republicans would be the only benefactor. That is why Obama care has to happen this year. That is why Obama and the Democrats don't care what the people of the United States want.

Americans will lose on Obama care. The liberal Democrats (read Pelosi, Hoyer, and murtha) will force a floor vote. The liberal democrats will bribe, browbeat, and threaten the "Blue dogs". Enough of the "blue dogs" will vote along party lines to sneak it through the House. In the Senate, the democrast already wrote language preventing a filibuster if something is not passed prior to OCT 15. Obama ensured there would be no debate on Obamacare. So America will have Obamacare passed and signed into law against their wishes. As America proceeds down the path of Socialism and entitlements I hope come 2010 and 2012 Anericans wake up and figure out that the Democrats are going to strong arm their initiatives through against the will of the people. Like the stimulus, Obamacare will be passed along party lines. That is what is scaring the democrats. It won't change their intentions though. The fear of no Republicans will only make them slow down enough to fake that they are listening. America is about to lose and lose big. America may not ever survive let alone recover from the disaster the Democrats and the Utopian idealists are thrusting upon us.

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