Sunday, July 26, 2009

Racism In America is Alive and Well

Obama in his words and actions has fueled the flames of racism in America. The regression of race relations in America has begun and the cause is the most racist President America has ever known. Obama is anything but the "Post-Racial" president the media attempts to portray him as.

Last Wednesday, Lynn Sweet was chosen last to ask a question at Obama's press conference. Ms. Sweet says it was not a setup question. Ms. Sweet says she would have asked Bush the same question. Taken at face value, her question may not have caused racial tensions but Obama's answer certainly did. Obama, called the actions of the police "stupid" without all of the facts in the case. The pathetic pawns in the media inferred that Obama agreed the arrest of Henry Gates was another case of racial profiling. Obama run with the question without the facts and fanned the flames of racism.

The American left are loving this incident and using the non issue to highlight race relations. The America left and Obama love "race baiting" as a way to bring race into everything they do. "Woe be me" is the attitude of the left. At every turn the left attempts to make a mountain over a mole hill. Every arrest by our police of a minority is another example of racial profiling. Behind every rock is another racist white person. The left just can't see that what they are doing is just a racist as what they perceive the "White Old Men" establishment to be. This Henry Gates issue could have been easily diffused by the President on Wednesday night. All Obama had to say is "I don't have all the facts and will not be commenting on the arrest until I do." Instead Obama admitted he did not have all the facts and went on to say only the police force and Officer Crowley were stupid.

The question that really needs to be answered is this "Would this same thing have happened if it was a white person?" I can attest to the fact that yes under the same circumstances it would have happened. Officer Crowley was responding to a call by a concerned citizen that a home was being broken into. Henry Gates became irate and uncooperative. Instead of showing a picture ID with his address on it, Gates decided to use his elite status and showed a Harvard ID. Gates believed his elite status should have been enough. But in reality the police were protecting his life and property. Had the police took the Harvard ID rather than press for State issued ID and something went awry, the racists on the left would have been screaming that the police did not take the call to an African American home serious enough to investigate. Under similar circumstances I once had to break into my own home. I has locked the keys to my house inside. I broke a window and had just crawled inside my house when the police arrived. I explained it was my house. At first I was also unruly and became agitated. I was warned to calm down and present documentation showing i belonged in the house or else I would be arrested. I took the officers advice and respected him for the job he was doing. Mr. Gates felt he was part of an elite ruling class and did not have to play by the same rules. If the situation had been a white person from Harvard that was arrested this would have been a non issue. The American left would have ridiculed a white person in a similar incident as bringing the results on himself and told to use the incident as a learning experience.

Our President decided to use the situation as a teaching moment. Obama did not mean that Gates should learn but rather America should learn that racism is alive and well. Instead of rising above the fray Obama went in knee deep and fanned racism. Obama has a history of race baiting and using race to divide America. Using race as the primary determinant of action is blatant racism. Obama interjected race and racism in the Henry Gates case. It was racist to believe call a white officer "stupid" for arresting a Black Professor. Obama even admitted that he used race as the primary determinate. The proof is in his words. "I do not have all the facts" The Cambridge Police are stupid. Last year during the campaign Obama interjected race every time he started slipping in the polls. Obama used preemptive scare tactics like "you are going to hear that I am different because I do not look like other Presidents on dollar bills. Obama nominated and defended Sotomayer based on racial profiling that she is noted for. Obama defended her "wise Latina" comments. Obama defended her stance on bringing race as a determinant in our courtrooms. The American left had better open their eyes or Obama will set our race relations back a century or two.

Racism works in any case when race is used as the primary determinant. Racism does not reside in one race more than another. Just because a race is in the minority does not mean racism does not exist in that race. All we have to do is look at South Africa as our example. Under Apartheid, the white minority was racist against the black majority. When the white ruling class in South Africa was overturned the Black Majority was racist against the white minority. Until Americans figure out that racism cuts across all races our country is doomed to be divided down racial lines. America has to learn to leave the past behind. We need to let the past go and stop dwelling on actions that can not be changed. We should never forget the issue or forget what happened in the past but we must move forward and let bygones be bygones. We can not change what has already happened, that is why it is called history. What we can do is move forward and forgive our predecessors for their sins. Until America stops identifying themselves as hyphenated Americans, we are doomed to have fault lines. We are first and foremost all Americans. We should all be proud of being an American. America is a free country. Should a person desire being anything other than an American they are free to leave. When America stops promoting one race over another and stops identifying with cultures we know nothing about we will be much better off as a country. The hyphenated Americans want to identify with the culture of their roots rather than identify with the culture that is America. Racism in America is alive and well and remain so until we let go of the past and allow ourselves to be simply Americans.

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Anonymous said...

After the past election, pundits nationwide reported that, finally, America is past racism. They said we should be 'proud' of that. Even if that is true, now no one is allowed to even think 'past racism.' Obama and his team can't let it go, in fact, seem to promote it (i.e. Rahm Emanual's taunt about 'cowardice,' Sotomayor's nomination, the attempts at redistribution of individual wealth, etc).

You mentioned:

"Until America stops identifying themselves as hyphenated Americans, we are doomed to have fault lines."


"When America stops promoting one race over another and stops identifying with cultures we know nothing about we will be much better off as a country."

Agreed, both statements. One does wonder, however, at such possibilities when our own government divides. An interesting take below on affirmative action:

Thanks for the commentary.