Friday, July 24, 2009

Post Racial or most racial? Must be a Misprint...

Over the course of the past year the pathetic pawns in the media have discussed and promoted Obama as the post racial candidate and now the post racial President. After the debacle on Wednesday the truth comes out. What the press should have said is that Obama is the most racist candidate or President.

The last question of the press conference Wednesday night was a setup question by Obama's hometown paper. The reporter tossed out a softball question in an effort to give Obama to interject race into his plans for socializing America. The question regarded the arrest of a Harvard professor. Obama said he didn't have all the facts but that the police acted "stupidly". The pathetic pawns immediately jumped on the bandwagon and started calling the arrest "racial Profiling". Nothing could be further from the truth. An officer responded to a call concerning a burglary. When the officer arrived on the scene and confronted a suspect (Gates), the suspect mouthed off to the officer. The officer took Gates in for questioning.

Obama seeking a way to jump start his failed policies used this question to say Americans are racist. Obama abused our fine public servants for his own personal gain. Obama is all about himself, damn the American public. Obama said "This is not about me" in hos press conference. Nothing could be further from the truth.

This is all about Obama. Obama whined in a private meeting with his own party that they were ruining his Presidency. Obama is more worried about his celebrity status than he is about the American people. Obama said as much when he refuses to force his family and the Congressional public servants to live with the same health care he is proposing to jam down our throats. Obama said as much when he said "I regret the words I used" when discussing the non apology to the police officers of America. Obama did not apologize. In fact he doesn't even regret his message. All Obama regrets is that Americans are appalled they elected a President that is racist. Obama is the most racist President America has ever had. Read his non apology and tell me any different. After reading Obama's non apology please tell me how this is not about Obama and how Obama is not a narcissist. Most of the luster has been wiped clean from Obama. In less than 6 months Obama has lost his goodwill, Obama has lost his mandate, and Obama has lost his cloak. Americans are beginning to realize Obama is a racist socialist. Americans are beginning to realize the media misprinted a story rather than report the news.

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