Saturday, July 11, 2009

Our Government is Out of Sync

Under the Obama administration our government is severely out of sync with the American public they are supposed to protect. Our government currently wants health care reform. Our government wants cap and trade legislation. Our government wants to strengthen Unions. Our government wants utopia. Unfortunately Americans need jobs.

With unemployment standing at 9.5% and rising Americans are falling behind in paying their necessary bills. The stimulus package was supposed to be a rush need because it would keep unemployment under 8%. Unfortunately, the administration casually dismisses criticism by rationalizing their failure as a under estimation of how poor the economy was. Obama brushes off criticism and states his stimulus is doing its job. Reality says the stimulus that was supposed to be about "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs" has been unable to stem the flow of unemployment. Under Obama we have had two of the big 3 automakers file for bankruptcy. Our government now owns a stake in a failed auto industry and is hindering any future potential in these companies.

The shovel ready jobs just aren't available. Instead the stimulus package went to democratic cronies. Democrat Governor Bill Ritter decided to waste $40,000 dollars in a no bid contract with his lawyer buddies. Just a few short months ago Ritter and his ilk were decrying no bid contracts. What difference an election makes. Nothing really changes other than just the corrupt recipients of corrupt political hacks. I struggle to find any logic behind stimulus going to save a mouse in San Francisco. Say what you will but Americans have been placing mouse traps around our homes for years. No we are using taxpayer dollars to save a mouse.

Now 6 months after the passage of the failed stimulus bill we have an opportunity to reevaluate priorities. Everyone understands that the stimulus did not work as advertised. We should be reevaluating how the money is being spent and get it pumped into our economy. Obama says not to worry his stimulus was a two year plan. Obviously Obama does not realize Americans need jobs today and not two years from now.

Obama railed against the economy for years. Obama won the presidency on the economy. Yet he has failed to do anything about the economy. He is hoping the economy fixes itself. He would be happy to take credit if the economy begins to recover. However, we all know it will have nothing to do with Obama's bogus stimulus plan if the economy does recover. Rather than fix problems with our economy, Obama threw money at the economy and moved on to his next socialist priority. Now rather than refocus on the economy when it is obvious his money has done nothing to help Obama has decided that econoy be damned he is pressing forward with two more programs that will destroy the economy. Sadly, our government is out of sync with the electorate. We should be focusing on the lower level needs of the American people. Instead Obama is focusing on the higher level wants of a society. Unfortunately, Americans will be unable to enjoy their wants when they are having problems with basic necessities like placing food on the table.

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