Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obama: Exemptions

Obama went to great lengths tonight to point out the the socialization of our health care is not about him. Obama stressed the point that his plans for taking over the health industry was more about placing taxpaying citizens into a program controlled by the government.

In fact Obama said he like the members of Congress have great health care plans. In Obama's mind he and Congress do not need this bill passed because they have great plans. Unfortunately the democrats plans do not open up the "great plans" Obama and Congress have. The Democrats are against a bill that would force all elected federal officials to live with the same plan they are forcing on tax paying Americans.

Instead the Democrats would takeover health care and begin rationing said care. They would force the taxpayer to fund abortion but not fund procedures for the elderly. Under the democrats plan average life expectancy in the US would decline. Americans would not be able to receive high cost procedures unless of course the Government places high value in the recipients life.

In return for our hard earned dollars Obama would decrease the health of a nation. In an attempt to reduce costs Obama would disallow costly experimental procedures. Research and development funding would be reduced. As diseases mutate our medicine will falter. There will be no money left to fund research and development. America's leadership in development of new drugs, new procedures, new anything would be flushed away. Obama's plan would stifle America's innovatedness in the medical world.

Yet in the end the plan Obama would force upon Americans would be inferior to the plan he and his own family enjoy. The plan would not be great or for that matter even a good plan. All we would receive is another costly bill that we will never be able to pay. I challenge all politicians that desire ramming through another unread bill to live within the same constraints real Americans have to live with. I challenge the idea less Democrats to develop a pilot program where they have to live with their health care plan rather than force Americans to be their personal guinea pigs. Obama show some leadership and stop yourself, your family, and your Congress from being exempt. Show us, the American people, that the destruction of the health care industry is not about you.

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