Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Health Care Near Collapse

The debacle going on in Congress would have me rolling on the floor laughing; that is if the issue wasn't so serious. Health care in America is problematic. America has millions of citizens that are incapable of affording health care insurance. There is no doubt something is required to provide these people basic health insurance. Americans that have health insurance must pay higher premiums to offset the cost of treated those that can not afford either the treatment or the insurance. There are ways to develop legislation that would cover Americans that are uninsured and can't afford the premiums without resorting to socialized medicine.

There are moderate ideas that could be passed with bi partisan support. However, the liberal left will take nothing less than a complete takeover of our health care. Our liberal left elitists want to tell Americans what is needed. The liberal elite believe Average Americans are not smart enough to make their own decisions. There is a reason why health care is near collapse. The reason is the liberal elitists refuse to inquire. The Democrats refuse to listen to the people. The far left refuses to have honest and open debate. Bottom line is the Democrats are failing because of their attitude towards the American people. The disdain the left holds for average Americans is larger than life itself.

The reason for the big push for an August vote is to ensure legislators are not allowed to go to their districts and States and listen to the constituents. Health care is on the rocks. Obama's plan for health care is unacceptable to most Americans. The Democratic plan in Congress take away the rights and freedoms of their constituents and they have no intention of allowing the American voices to be heard.

The pathetic Pawns in the media are busy blaming blame on the republicans. However, it is the democrats that can't even agree with themselves over how to best accomplish health care. The liberal democrats desire nothing less than a full takeover of the health industry. The more moderate Democrats want a compromise that somewhat protects Americans. The left is now seeking signatures to show they have enough votes to fail anything less than the full takeover. The so called Blue dogs have at least 40 members that are not allowing a full takeover.

In the end I believe the current bills will die a slow painful death. The best hope for health reform lies in the Senate where they are at least debating ideas with some bi partisan support. The public hostile takeover is not in their current bill. The plan has always been to get something through to the reconciliation process where only 50 votes will be needed in the Senate to pass. But now that the House can not agree to get something done to which to reconcile health care is in danger of falling by the wayside yet again. Health care is near collapse and it is all the fault of the Democrats and Obama.

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