Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Health Care Debacle Scapegoating

The scapegoating has begun in the Obamacare debacle. Obama and his administration placed the blame squarely on the Republicans last week. The pathetic pawns in the media have already begun blaming the Republicans this week. A majority of Americans are against the Obama takeover of 20% of the economy and they too are being blamed for the failure of the Democratic party.

Never mind the infighting Democrats are having in their own party. Never mind the That in the house Democrats enjoy a 78 seat majority in the house and could afford losing 38 Democrats and still pass the legislation. This means that the democrats could lose 15% of their members and still pass the legislation. In the Senate the Democrats hold a filibuster proof majority. The Democrats could lose 9 Senators and still pass this legislation (due to the budget gimmicks installed to ensure the Democrats had cover in the event of a failure). That is another 15% of their members that could vote against and still pass the legislation. Yet both the Democrats and their pathetic pawns whine about the Republicans remaining on the sidelines.

The problem isn't the Republicans who have offered alternatives and amendments. No it is the President who expects the Republicans to just climb aboard because well "I won" as Obama has said. no Republicans share none of the blame for this debacle. It was the Pelosi and Reid led Democrats that decided not to invite the Republicans to the table in negotiations. The Republicans do not have the votes to pass health care no matter what they come up with. The Republicans can't even stop the Democrats from enacting Obama's disaster.

It is the Obama, Pelosi, and Reid lack of leadership that has run health care proposals into the ground. Instead of devising a bill that was left of Center that could have garnered at least enough of the Conservative "Blue Dogs" to pass, Obama created a plan from the far left that a full 15% of their own can not even support. the scapegoating of Republicans has to stop.

The Republicans are not in danger of becoming extinct. The Republicans are not in danger of derailing health care. Republicans are not sitting the sidelines. They unlike Obama are more than ready to talk and debate health care on its merits. Granted the Republicans won't blindly follow as Obama leads the country into socialism but they are more than ready to support efforts from the middle. It is not Republicans who are proposing legislation from a minority opinion or minority approval. That is what the Democrats are doing. Right now the minority party Republicans are backing the popular opinion. Yet Obama, Democrats, and the pathetic pawns want to label their failure on the Republicans. Wake up America, the far left is intent on bankrupting our country fiscally, socially, and morally.

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