Sunday, July 12, 2009

Goodwill Wasted, Obama Resigns America to the Path of Weakness

The goodwill America's always have for a new administration has been wasted by Obama. In 6 short months, the Obama administration fall from grace has begun. Obama had approval rating near 70% when he assumed the office of the Presidency. Obama was polling 20% higher than he garnered in the election. Americans provided Obama with a historic opportunity to raise America up from the demoralized state hanging over her head. However, in 6 short months Obama went from historic highs in approval ratings to currently polling under the percentage he garnered in the election. Rasmussen for the past three days had Obama polling at 51% approval versus 48% disapproval. Additionally, only 30% of the electorate strongly approve of Obama's administration, while 37% strongly disapprove.

Now before anyone on the left decides to debate the results of the Rasmussen polling, I would like to remind readers that Rasmussen had the election spot on. The last Rasmussen poll prior to the election had the results 52% for Obama and 46% for McCain. The actual results were 52.9% for Obama and 45.7% for McCain. Now Obama is polling almost 2% lower than he garnered in the election and over 2% higher opposition than the election. The goodwill of the American people has been squandered.

The pathetic pawns in the media have been left impotent by an administration that has consistently been against the values that have made America the greatest nation on Earth. Obama immediately went on a whirlwind apology tour through Europe after his inauguration. The media hailed this as a magical moment showing Obama's prowess as a leader. Obama continued the America apology tour through the America's. The pathetic pawns hailing the historic moment. Obama set sail for Egypt and again was hailed a new American President. The pathetic pawns refused to report on the fact that Obama apologized to our enemies while thumbing his nose towards our allies.

Obama rushed through a stimulus package to save and create jobs, jobs, jobs. Obama told the Republicans to get on board because "he won", damn be the merits of the opposition to spending our way into oblivion. When the facts came in showing the stimulus wasn't working as advertised Joe Biden claimed the package saved or created 150,000 jobs. However, the facts say the economy has done nothing but shed 2.5 million jobs since the fraudulent stimulus package passed. Obama says the package is doing its job. The facts say all the stimulus package has done is send America closer to bankruptcy.

Obama had a historic opportunity to stand for freedom when the Iranians were protesting a fraudulent election in Iran. Instead of standing up for freedom and demcracy our President sat by the sidelines and did nothing. Iranians are being shot in the streets of Iran and Obama did nothing. Obama did nothing because well he already promise he would sit down and negotiate with the current mullahs and thugs leading Iran. Obama had another opportunity to stand for freedom when Honduras ousted a President for trying to usurp the country's constitution. Obama claimed it was an illegal act but the facts show it was legal and the right thing to do. Obama has consistently been on the wrong side of freedom and democracy. Even Bush was on the right side every now and again.

Now with the polls sinking, Obama's administration resort to attacking his predecessor. Using the justice department in a partisan way in an effort to save his hide. Rather than focus on the ills facing America, Obama would rather focus on being a world celebrity rather than lead us through our economic woes. In typical liberal fasion Obama believes that throwing money at a problem will fix the problem. In oBama's mind he has already wasted $1 trillion in bailouts that should be enough as he sets out to destroy what is left of the economy. Obama's cap and trade in conjunction with a socialist health care plan will finish the economy off. There is a time and place for everything. The time to institute utopian wants is when the needs of the Nation have been satisfied. Right now America needs jobs. We don't need to be focused on the fraudulent Global Warming schemes and socialized medicine. American's need to put the food on the table and pay mortgages.

Rather than focus on getting the American economy moving so Obama might be able to institute the socializing of America. Obama wasted his goodwill and now feigns an attack on Bush to divert our attention from the real disaster America faces. Americans are losing faith in Obama and our government. Obama had better redirect his efforts away from crippling our economy with cap and trade and health care and start focusing on "jobs. jobs, jobs,". Obama is dangerously close to "jumping the shark". If that happens America will be crippled for the rest of his term.

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