Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Destruction Of America Has Commenced

The Obama administration has commenced its mission to destroy America. The administration has already assured our auto industry will collapse by giving it away to the united Auto Workers Union. Now to ensure American manufacturing and industry never rises to the top again, Obama's Commerce Secretary Gary Locke says the American consumer should pay for China's carbon emissions. Obama and his left wing loons are bent on the destruction of America.

China has become one of the world's largest economies on the strength of cheap labor. the cheap labor allows china's manufacturers and industrial base to produce goods more efficiently than the United States, which in turn makes the products sell cheaper and increases their market share. While the administration is pushing for a reduction in carbon emissions through a massive tax plan that will punish everyone in America from the corporations to the consumers, they are also strengthening the competitive advantages of foreign companies.

Last week Obama told a crowd of fawning supporters in Michigan that some industry jobs have been lost and will never return. This is a harsh reality as America can not compete any longer in a world economy but rather than promote ways to increase American competitiveness Obama has decided he will demolish the industrial base of our country and promote an industrial base that will make us more reliant on foreign economies. Under Obama's initiatives America will lose its capabilities to manufacture anything.

The Cap and tax fiasco that the house passed will punish our industrial base. More jobs will be lost and unemployment will continue to rise. America will be unable to compete and jobs from industry ill move overseas or shut their doors as profits dwindle and cap and tax removes what remains of profits. on top of that we will be paying China to increase their productivity by having to py for Chinese emissions also. Far from leveling the playing field for our industrial base, Obama's policies will destroy what is the greatest country on Earth.

I know Obama feels he has to be liked the world around. To Obama it is far more important to be liked than to be respected. Obama has traveled around the world ensuring he apologized for American bad behavior. Obama would never allow his celebrity status around the world be questioned. to Obama it only makes sense that America pay for her sins by going bankrupt by destroying her economy. Obama policies are meant to apologize to the world by sending us over the brink. The destruction of America has commenced, let there be no doubt, especially in light of Gary Locke's comments today.

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