Thursday, July 30, 2009

Democrats: This Little Piggy Cried All The Way Home

The health cry debacle has turned into a whine fest on Capitol Hill.the Speaker of the houe Nancy Pelosi is whining about the evil health insurance companies. Harry Reid is whining about the media. Charles Shumer is whining about the Republicans. The Democrats in general are throwing a temper tantrum for not getting their own way. The Democrats are failing to meet the Presidents timeline and now that whine about everything and blame everyone but themselves.

Nancy Pelosi says "Of course they've been immoral all along in how they have treated the people that they insure," she said, adding, "They are the villains. They have been part of the problem in a major way. They are doing everything in their power to stop a public option from happening." Placing the blame squarely on the insurance companies rather then her own failed efforts.

Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, Charles Shumer, and Patty Murray blamed everyone today from the Republicans to the insurance lobbyists, to the media for their failure in the Senate. Never once will these Democrats feel they were wrong not to invite Republicans to the table sooner. Not once will they ever find fault with their own actions. Never once will they tell the truth and admit it was Obama that placed the deadline of August. It wasn't the media who placed a dealine on Congress it was one of their own.

The arrogance of the democrats has come around to bite them. The little piggies all lined up at the trough handing out goodies to enamored voters. The $787 billion bailout devised and pushed as an immediate need to save the economy has turned out to be an utter failure. Far from stirring economic activity, the stimulus has produced a larger unemployment that it would have been without the fiasco. The ill advised cash for clunkers program is having to be suspended because of all the enamored voter looking for the free handouts. Cap and Trade legislation is stalled in the Senate because of the fact that America can not afford another Democratic gimmick. Now health care is having problems.

The democrats love blaming everyone else but the true culprits of failure. Instead of reflecting inwards on themselves about what went wrong it is far easier to blame Bush, blame Republicans, blame the media, and blame private industry. Sorry Dem's it is your fault. It was the DEMs the brought the wrath of voters and the American people. See less than 2% of the republicans in Congress voted for the Stimulus. The DEM stimulus received a grand total of 3 votes out of a total of 218 possibilities in both House and Senate combined. It was the democrats that pushed for free money to people for their junk cars. It was the democrats that pushed cap and trade. In fact they had to pay off some of their members just to ensure cap and trade was passed in the house. It was the Democrats that are bailing out on the hostile takeover of the health industry. There is only one place where all of the blame belongs and that is with the democrats including Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. See the little piggies all went to the market with sacks full of goodies to giveaway at taxpayers expense. Now The little piggies all get to go wha wha wha all the way home for the August recess.

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