Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Democrats: Death to the Innocents, Save the Guilty

The Democratic Party has some twisted logic. They are for killing the innocent people in the world but yet for saving the guilty. This duality is simply amazing and irrational. The Democratic party calls itself pro choice but that is to avoid the truth. The Democrats are the pro-death party.

This may sound harsh but it is the truth. There is no other way to explain the rationale for being Pro Abortion, pro rationing health care, and yet be against the death penalty. There is no way the Democrats can be serious about voting against live births and pro infanticide. Obama voted against babies born alive and decided that it was more proper to vote in favor of leaving live births to lie in a soiled linen closet left to die. Obama's statements that the baby was meant to be aborted and his statements that it would place to much of a burden on doctors were dismissive towards life.

Now Obama and his democratic party are for rationing health care. An example used was if a insured patient was too old they could not have health benefits that would extend their life. The Democrats say that there must be a cost benefit analysis. In other words if a person is so old that the government or democrats believe is close to the end then it is better to end their lives rather than extend it. This goes against the Hippocratic oath but the Democrats do not care. All they care about is getting reelected by those that are not productive members of society. Democrats would much rather have 3,000 dead people vote for them than have 100 live voters vote against them.

The Democrats are for felons being allowed to vote. They believe that the felon vote would overwhelming go to the democrat. The Democrats are lenient when it come to sentencing and believe that the criminal vote is a constituency they can win with. In fact the Democrats are against the death penalty for convicted murderers. They say it is inhumane to execute those that are guilty of the most heinous crimes. Democrats rail against capital punishment for people that made choices in life. The Democrats would rather save the voice of the guilty rather than save the life of the innocent and voiceless.

Democrats are for the death of our innocents and would go to their own grave defending the guilty. All we have to do is look at the rationale behind the infanticide Obama and the Democratic Party promote. All we have to do is look towards the rationing of health care based upon the subjective viewpoint of a government bureaucrat. Then just compare infanticide and the rationing of health to their stance on capital punishment. The Democratic Party has no shame. The Democratic Party is the pro death party.

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