Saturday, July 11, 2009

Democrats: Attack The Messenger

Democrats always complained that the Republicans were guilty of character assassination. However, it was and is the democrats that are guilty of character assassination. In fact the liberals have perfected attacking the messenger. The democrats know their message is failing so they fall back on attacking the people they fear will hurt them.

The attack lines came into focus last summer. When Sarah Palin was announced as the Vice Presidential choice of John McCain the venomous left went after Palin not on the issue but made up lies and pushed them as truth. The pathetic pawns in the media fell for the Democratic operative lies and passed them along as truth. Even when the lies were found to be lies the pathetic pawns would not even as much as apologize for pushing the lies, instead gong on to the next lie with just as much venom.

Then there was Joe the Plumber. The Democrats illegally dug trash up on this man simply because Obama slipped and let his true feelings be heard. See Joe just asked a simple question. Obama thought it was a good idea to spread the wealth around. But rather than focus on the socialist ideals of a fraudulent candidate the Democrats attacked the messenger.

Of course after the election the Democrats attacked Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity personally. The only reason for these attacks was they disagreed with Obama. The Democrats know they have no ideas and can't win a debate on facts. They have to attack with lies and innuendo.

Of course now Sotomayer is about to have her hearing. Sotomayer has had 6 of her cases heard before the Supreme Court. She has been overturned 4 times. Ricci will be testifying at the hearing. This firefighter is now being attacked. Supposedly Ricci is a litigious person. My question is Why does it matter? Sotomayer made a bad ruling. The Supreme Court ruled against her. It doesn't matter that a litigious person won the suit. What matters is Sotomayer has been overturned 4 out of 6 times.

This attacking of the messenger is only intended to blur the lines and muddy the waters. Instead of focusing on the issues the left continues attacking the person. The Democrats have perfected mudslinging and brought it down to a new disgusting level.

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