Monday, July 27, 2009

Conyers: Why Should We Bother Reading???????

John Conyers hails from the State whose current claim to fame is the government run auto industry and the State with the highest unemployment in the land. Now we all know why Michigan is in such a sorry state of affairs. The Democrat controlled state must have followed their favorite son, John Conyers, advice and not read the bills they passed. Watch the video Courtsey American Thinker and hear what Mr. Conyers has to say about reading bills.

There is no way to take the Democrats serious when they are set to pass a bill overhauling 20% of our economy. Especially when they are planning to pass the health care bill sight unseen. Similar to non stimulus bill the Democrats and Obama just had to stuff down our throats, the Democrats are forcing us to also swallow a government takeover of our health care. The bill creates not just one government bureaucracy but many bureaucracies. The bill rations care and places a value on the lives of the public. No longer will we as a free country be allowed to chose what is right for us. Nope, the government will ration our health care. In the bill the elderly must have a conversation with their physician every five years starting at 65. The physician will make the determination on the value of the patients life and then recommend whether the patient lives or dies. In the event the physician decides the live isn't worth saving the physician is to provide counseling on ending the patients life. What kind of sicko would attempt to jam that down our throats without even reading or worse without allowing us the American people a voice in the matter?

Yes Democrats like Conyers will force an ill advised plan down our throats. The Democrats will provide health care for all. When the cost of the entitlement program rise too high they will just start having their government controlled physician recommend more of their patients are banned from life saving treatment. Bottom line is the Democrats desire playing God with the lives of the American people. The shameless sheeples in the Democratic Party won't even read the bill. It is too much work for them to actually know what they are voting on, rather the Democrats would rather shirk their responsibility to the people in order to control the people. Why bother reading???? Well because if we all don't start reading the bill before passage we are all going to be subject to the death chamber.

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