Sunday, June 14, 2009

Obama: Lies and Deceit

The Obama administration is full of lies and deceit. Obama created a gimmick of "jobs saved or created", with no way to measure the number of jobs created or saved. Obama clings to his slogan and gimmicks and touts 150,000 jobs saved or created since his stimulus. The pathetic pawns in the media have barely noticed that since Obama took office his economy has lost 2.2 million jobs. It hardly matters that the stimulus created or saved 150,000 jobs when his economy lost 2.2 million. Merely a drop in the bucket as are most of his plans. Now just late last week when it looked like the backlash against his massive government plan to takeover the health insurance business, Obama decides that he will be able to "squeeze" another $300 billion in saving under his health care plan.

This is nothing more than another Obama lie and deceitful practice. Obama never came out and said how he would be able to "squeeze these further savings. Nope, all he said is that he would be able to "find" these savings because health care is going to be cheaper in the long run. Of course these are just estimates with no way to measure the savings. Obama's deceitful words are nothing more than deceitful rhetoric to sell a plan that he has no idea of how much it will truly cost. In fact Obama estimated that it would cost a little over $600 billion dollars and set aside this amount in his budget to pay for health care. Now it seems Charles Rangel say it would cost twice that amount and decided that he would have to implement a $600 billion tax increase to cover some of these additional costs. Now Obama says he would squeeze another $300 billion in savings out of health care with no tangible proof.

Call me skeptical but it certainly seems that Obama has been nothing but deceitful in his rhetoric. I remember during the campaign that Obama would not freeze government spending at current levels because he would "go line by line" through the budget and rid the budget of wasteful spending. What happened to his line by line savings? Well Obama went through the budget and found a minuscule $17 billion in saving. This inconsequential amount after a line by line check in a budget of over $3.5 trillion budget. So, to get this straight Obama was only able to find less than 1% saving in an entire budget but now expects us to believe he will squeeze almost 25% savings from a $1.2 trillion health care takeover.

Obama is masterful in his approach to lies and deceit. His fawning media barely notices that there is no way to measure his fictitious estimates. Now to pass the greatest scam in America Obama is again claiming he will squeeze more saving out of a program with estimates that won't be able to be measured. I am sure that later Obama will just say well the cost estimates of the program were low but his estimates on savings were right on the money. Just like his estimates on unemployment figures were lower than reality but his "Jobs created or saved" were right on the money. Obama is a deceitful liar.

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