Saturday, June 13, 2009

Letterman Must Be Fired

Letterman made a rude and inappropriate joke concerning the 14 year old daughter of Sarah Palin and now must be fired. There is no other choice really. The lame and half hearted excuse that Letterman wasn't really making a joke about raping a 14 year old girl but rather making a joke about raping an 18 year old girl.

How sick must the liberal left in general and Letterman specifically be that they think it is funny when joking about rape. Rape is a sick and disgusting crime and yet Letterman and his liberal following think it is funny. It is beyond comprehension that anyone could find humor in the rape of a anyone.

Now before anyone decides that there is no need to take offense because well "it was just a joke" I want to inform the reader that there is precedence for firing folks for making inappropriate jokes and remarks. In 1983, Howard Cosell was run off Monday night football for an ill-timed remark that was actually innocent. More recently Don Imus was run off because he called the Rutgers Lady Basketball team Nappy headed Hoes. Now I agree these remarks were inappropriate and Imus deserved to be sacked. But so does Letterman. Letterman was promoting his agenda and liberal viewpoints and not comedy. Letterman is an inconsiderate jerk and should do us all a favor and just quit. The raping of anyone is no joking matter but it is even worse when the joke concerns a 14 year old.

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