Saturday, June 13, 2009

Jobs: Lost and Destroyed

The Obama administration has been busy losing and destroying jobs. Yes it is true Obama has been busy touting his administration creating or saving 150,000 jobs but th truth of the matter is that Obama and his stimulus has done very little saving and creating but it rather good at losing and destroying jobs.

By all accounts, the Obama administration estimated how many jobs would be created and saved under his stimulus plan. The administration has some convoluted formula to estimate his jobs created and saved. Never once has the administration had to come clean and demonstrate how the formula works and whether or not it is realistic. Obama's propaganda wing also known as the lapdog media has never once called the administration on his estimates. In fact now that Obama plans on releasing 4 times as much money from the stimulus package he estimates this summer will see 600,000 jobs created or saved.

Assuming that Obama's figures for his stimulus package are dead on as Obama proclaims than that must mean that his estimates on unemployment were also dead on. Without the Obama stimulus Obama predicted unemployment would top out at 9%. With the stimulus Obama said he would be able to keep unemployment under 9%. Unfortunately, unemployment is at 9.4%. When faced with real formula's it seems Obama must have lost or destroyed not only the 150,000 jobs he claimed to have created or saved but also lost and destroyed enough jobs to make unemployment a half a percent more than his impeccable estimates.

Now I now that Obama came out and said that unemployment is all Bush's fault. Obama says he underestimated the recession. The bottom line is Obama has destroyed the American economy and has no idea how to fix it. Obama is clinging to some half backed scheme of creating or saving jobs under some convoluted formula. I wonder if gasoline rises to $3.oo a gallon if he will continue to cling to his dreams of saving and creating or will he wake up to the realism that he lost and destroyed jobs. We know that the unemployment figures will go higher. The forced Obama government takeover of GM and Chrysler will inevitably cost more jobs to be lost or destroyed and have yet to ripple through the economy. If this keeps up Obama will become the great destroyer of a nation rather than the great savior many hoped for.

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