Monday, June 22, 2009

Health Care: A Wasted Opportunity

The Obama administration is on the verge of blowing a historic opportunity to reform health care. Instead of trying to enact meaning reform, Obam instead focused on socializing the health industry. There are ways to reign in the health care costs and provide benefits to everyone that has a desire for such benefits. Much like Obama's hostile takeover of the auto industry, there is a plan to take over America's health care. I wonder if also like the auto industry Obama will turn our health care over to his constituents that helped ruin the industry to begin with.

Currently our health care costs are being run up by ambulance chasers posing as trial lawyers. Trial lawyers like John Edwards made their fortunes off the back of hard working medical professionals. Without tort reform and placing limits on damages the costs will continue to escalate and we as a country will not even be able to pay for basic health coverage for the middle class let alone the poor. Some of the cost saving measures proposed by the administration have merit but without reigning in the biggest cost of health insurance the savings Obama seeks will be ate up in torts as the trial lawyers are the only group that will benefit from a health care industry controlled by the government.

Much like blaming the Auto execs for the massive failures while allowing the UAW to own 2/3rds of Chrysler, the health care industry will be owned by the trial lawyers. Again like the auto industry there is an outright conflict of interest. The Knights of labor was a big tent union where management and employees belonged. The Knights of Labor believed there was a common interest between management and employees that would overcome he differences. The problem is that the underlying differences are fundamental to business survival. Management is empowered to make a profit for the company's. The Unions are empowered to negotiate the best possible benefits. A balance must be struck in order for either to survive. The same can be said about the trial lawyers sucking the life from health care. Health care professionals are helping individuals in need, trial lawyers are busy lining their own pockets. This conflict of interest will undermine any other type of reform.

Obama had a historic opportunity to push meaningful reforms. Unfortunately, Obama placed the trial lawyers ahead of the American citizens. Unless Obama starts to realize that he is President of the United States rather than President of those that voted for him our country will continue on the path of bankruptcy. Obama is wasting his opportunity and his goodwill.

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