Tuesday, June 2, 2009

DOJ Rejects Citizens Rights

Georgia enacted laws to ensure that voters were legal citizens of the United States. Unfortunately the Department of Justice decided that there is no need to verify citizenship before registering. The claim is that it would disenfranchise the poor and minorities. This is wrong and needs to stop.

Citizens of Georgia and of the United States have the right to protect our own rights. It is the right of the citizen to vote and not the right of legal and illegal aliens. While legal aliens have rights in our country illegal aliens should have no rights. Illegals are felons and should be immediately removed from our country when found. They broke the law and owe a debt to society. There is no way the Justice department should be protecting their right to vote in a country in which they are criminals. Illegals have no legal claims or rights in our land.

The Justice department only found issue with the citizen verification because the highly partisan administration understands that a high number of illegal aliens would vote for the corrupt Democratic party. The administration has politicized the justice department. Where are the cries fro the left at this highly politicized justice department? The left was screaming bloody murder for years when it was an opposing administration. But know when the justice department believes more in the rights of illegal aliens than it does in its own citizenry the left remains quiet. In fact the left is cheering this politically motivated decision. Just like they cheered the politically motivated decision to drop a slam dunk case of voter intimidation by a group of black panther thugs in Philadelphia. It has become painfully apparent that the left could care less about America, they only care about their own very narrow view. Yet another right of the American individual taken away for political gain by the left that claims to be to open minded utopians.

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