Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Train Wreck that is Nancy Pelosi

Poor Nancy Pelosi wants America to believe that she was tricked by the CIA when they briefed her on "extreme interrogation" methods back in 2002. For now, Pelosi stands by her accusations that the CIA lied to Congress about Bush administration approved interrogation methods. Pelosi has become the political equivalent of Ozzy Osbourne, often stumbling over words and sputtering incoherent sentence fragments in her attempts to communicate. Ozzy can blame decades of substance abuse for his muttled mind, Pelosi was just born that way. How else do you explain an experienced politician that is unable to think up a good lie?

Pelosi can thank Barack Obama for her present troubles. In a childish fit, he decided to release a few interrogation memos because Dick Cheney hurt his feelings. Cheney, a serious individual who does not mince words, has publicly accused Obama of weakening US defences against terrorism. In retaliation Obama released the memos, but he did not, or could not, appreciate the consequences of such an action. The CIA, a secretive entity by design, does not operate with impunity. The Agency is accountable to Congress and the President, and must therefore disclose it's activities and practices. CIA interrogation methods were briefed, and Pelosi was present. Whether or not her brain was actually functioning that day is anyones guess.

Obama continues to lose the debate over national security with Cheney. A debate Obama caused by releasing the interrogation memos. Cheney has called for the release of more memos, memos proving how these interrogation methods prevented further terrorist attacks in the US from happening. But Obama does not want to play anymore, burned once because of his immaturity, Obama now refuses to authorize the release of the memos Cheney demands. Obama is poorly equipped to go toe-to-toe with an opponent like Cheney on national defense issues, and is still struggling to deal with his promise to close Gitmo. This is a debate Obama wants to go away, funny thing is, he's the one who brought it up.

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