Friday, May 8, 2009

Pelosi: Unprincipled Liar

More proof that the Democratic Party is an unprincipled party that will do or say whatever is politically expedient at the time. In SEP 2002, Nancy Pelosi and at least one other Democrat was briefed on Enhanced Intelligence Techniques of which waterboarding was one such technique. Pelosi claimed (lied) that he was only briefed that these techniques could be used. The facts tell us she knew they were being used and that intelligence was gleened through the use of waterboarding. Nancy Pelosi stood idly by and said nary a word in dissent in the use of such techniques.

Now her defenders are rationalizing the silence as nothing more than being sworn to secrecy. The problem with this rationalizing is that by remaining silent on the issue she was providing her approval. Of course this makes sense. In 2002 it would have been political suicide to rail against such techniques. The American people supported the war on terror and despised a weak left. We had been attacked and needed to prosecute the war on terror to make us feel better.

Now in an effort to be cute Obama releases cherry picked CIA reports showing how bad the use of our techniques really was. Never mind that there was evidence that the techniques worked. Never mind that his own Party approved of such techniques with their silence. It didn't matter because Obama never intended for the documents that would shed light on the whole program were ever intended to be released. Obama just needed an illusion. Obama offered up just enough documents to remind the public that the Bush Administration was bad. Of course Obama never believed the Republicans would defend themselves nor did he believe the CIA would defend itself.

Now that both Bush administration officials and the CIA have defended themselves and produced documents that prove the Democrats knew about the techniques and voiced no concern, the Democrats have to lie to protect themselves. Nancy Pelosi got on TV and outright lied. Just Like a former Democratic President got on TV and lied to the American people. The Democrats may lie all they wish, it just shows how unprincipled they really are. They hold no true convictions only whatever is politically expedient at the time. What a shame that both political parties in America have failed America.

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