Sunday, May 10, 2009

Obama's $17 Billion Fraud

Obama the campaigner said he would go line by line and reduce the federal budget. Now after the tedious process Obama came up with grand total of $17 Billion dollars in saving. The press hails this as the first President to cut the budget never mind that he added trillions of dollars in new spending. These budget cuts were not the cuts necessary to get our country back on track and reduce a budget deficit. Obama hails any cut as a start and meaningful yet a closer look reveals this $17 billion to a a fraud just like his Presidency.

First of all if any cut would make a difference why would Obama authorize a low altitude flyover of New York City for a "photo Op". This stunt not only scared the city with deep scars from the 9/11 attacks it also cost the taxpayer over $300,000. If any cut in the budget meant something this hair-brained idea should have been the first to go. Second why is the federal government funding the international community for abortions? Whether one is pro death (choice) or pro life is of no significance. We are a country that is having a difficult time selling our debt on the international market. Yet we seem to have enough money to fund abortions not at home but in foreign countries. Third there is stem cell research. Why would a debt ridden country fund stem cell research. Sure it may be nice and may lead to medical breakthroughs but right now this funding is frivolous and unaffordable. Fourth, why would we place free condoms in the stimulus bill? Not sure how this little nugget ever made it through the bill but please Obama defenders tell me what condoms has to do with saving the economy.

Now we also hear that the Obama administration will cut spending on illegal immigration. Americans must ask themselves why? The answer is because illegals are a big voting block for the corrupt democrats. Obama extorted the resignation of GM CEO Rick Wagoner for federal assistance and gave 55% of Chrysler to labor unions. Yet can only find $17 billion in budget cuts.

This $17 billion is a fraud. If this would do anything to reduce our deficit it would be one thing. However, Obama will increase the budget more than he cuts it and our debt will do nothing but continuously increase under the fraudulent Presidency.

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Anonymous said...

Love the blog. I just found it because of an old article about blogspot shutting down blogs that were anti-Obama during the campaign. Keep preaching and we will keep reading and proclaiming the truth.