Saturday, May 2, 2009

Obama: Just Make It Up

Obama believes he has a gift. Obama believes he can do no wrong. So when faced with a lack of facts Obama believes he can just lie to the American people. Case in point, the other night when Obama was celebrating the 100 day mark with yet another prime time news conference he offered up a grand and a half of a lie. Obama touted that his stimulus plan has already saved or created 150,000 jobs. The reality is this is just a made up number. A number not based in fact but rather based on the same lies Obama told us back in January.

When Obama was pushing the greatest increase in the budget deficit ever known to AMerica, his crack team of economic advisers touted the 3 million jobs his plan would either save or create. Of course no knew how to compute whether or not a job would be created or saved so they just threw a number out there and the media ate it up without pushing for the formula for making these wild estimates. So when the we found that we are losing jobs at over a half a million a month, when the economy shrinks at 6.1 % for the last quarter the Obama administration still uses its made up numbers from January and touts an estimate that is the same as the estimate was in January. In other words it is just a made up number. It is made up in the minds of Obama's crack economic advisers that sold the country on becoming a debt ridden society on the brink of bankruptcy.

We now can be sure that no matter what happens Obama will claim he was always right. He will always claim that his numbers were right. Even if unemployment rises to double digits and the economy continues to shrink, Obama will use the same estimates and claim he is successful. When is the media going to wake up and demand Obama come clean with his metrics? How is Obama going to be held accountable when no one knows how exactly he is measuring his saved or created jobs. No one knows how the metrics are being used. I wish most Americans could just make up numbers like that. We would all be millionaires living the content life. Instead we have to make the numbers in our budget work. Obama can just make them up and our AWOL media eats up the bogus numbers and let the greatest fraud America has ever known to remain unchecked.

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