Sunday, May 31, 2009

Obama: The Jet Set President

After setting records for budget deficits in the budget, Obama made a lame effort at claiming to reduce the budget. During the campaign, Obama promised to go line by line through the budget and reduce costs. Instead what we received was a half-hearted lip service claim of a $17.1 Billion savings as the result of Obama's line by line budget analysis.

Of course the jet setting president wouldn't dream of cutting his own expenses. Obama authorized the use of one of America's plane to conduct a low flying photo op over New York City. This stunt cost American taxpayers in excess of $300,000. Sure the Military liaison was fired after America became outraged at the administration's lack of compassion.

Then Obama came out last week and said America was broke and had run out of money. Did that curtail any excesses? No not at all, Obama took America's jet up to New York for a night on the town. No there was nothing official about the trip. There were no other events scheduled other than a dinner and a play. Must be nice that while America suffers through the worst recession since the Great depression our President can still validate his celebrity status by jet setting around the country for dinner and a play.

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