Sunday, May 24, 2009

Obama The Destroyer

Americans should be crying as we watch the media made messiah destroy everything that is America. In an attempt to appeal to the Hollywood elitists Obama believes that only by destroying America will we be liked by the rest of the world. Obama has become America's Judas. Obama has gone to great lengths to destroy the country. Even he admits that America is out of money, yet he intends to foolishly spend even more. Obama will betray America with his only goal being he has to be liked around the world.

America has been respected around the world for generations. We came into our own as a world leader during World War II. The old world order firmly changed hands as America a young nation full of idealism lead from a position morally right. America did not always make the popular decisions but always attempted to do what was right. We stood up for years in the struggle between Communism and Democracy. The struggle between the rights of the community and government versus the rights of the individual. Obama has decided the rights of the government will overrule the individual rights we now enjoy.

Obama is destroying corporate America. Obama's populist rhetoric has destroyed the auto makers. Obama forced the resignation of the GM CEO. Obama allowed the UAW to gain majority interest in Chrysler and desires the same for GM. Obama is attempting the corporation to abandon the investors in favor of the Union workers. No matter that there is an inherent conflict of interest in a union owning a company. In History that is the reason for the failure of the original labor union. The Knights of Labor was a big tent union that believed Unions and management had common interests and could work together to find common ground. This philosophy sounds awesome but can not work. While there are some common goals the differences in goals are divergent and competing. The competing goals will kill the corporations and in the end kill off the Unions. If there is no corporation or company there is no work and therefore no unions. Companies can not exist with such competing goals. An employees goals have to align to that of the company or neither can coexist. The goal of any company is to make a profit. The goal of unions is to squeeze profits for employee wages and benefits. These opposing goals will destroy America's auto industry. Worldwide, the major auto producers are headquartered out of less than five countries (America, Japan, Germany, Italy, and and maybe one or two other European countries). America already pays the most in labor costs and produces the least quality vehicles of the major producers, and now we placed the industry in the hands of those that helped to destroy it.

Obama has been very busy overturning everything the Bush administration ever did. Say what you want about Bush but not everything he did was wrong. Just as not everything Obama does is not necessarily wrong and inept neither is everything Bush did. Obama is hell bent on blaming the nations ills on Bush. This is a very mioptic viewpoint. Our nation has been going under for years. As the Two party system in America strengthen our position in the world has weakened. The two party system has created an atmosphere of zero leadership. It is either one way or the other with no room for middle. That is why the political bases are so far right or left of the center of the country. Obama's rhetoric from Notre Dame is correct even if he doesn't practice his rhetoric. There is common ground in the middle of the abortion issue. The middle lies somewhere in between Bush's pro life belief in zero tolerance and Obama's pro death belief in abortions for all no matter the circumstances including live births still receiving the Obama death sentence.

Obama desires closing GITMO because it is a vision of Bush. The problem is no country wants to have the task of housing terrorists. Certainly, America does not wish to have terrorists linked to American attacks living off of our society all the while plotting new attacks. Something is wrong headed with that belief and Obama knows it. The administration is well aware that providing government subsidized living for those that voice their hatred towards America is unpopular. Obama is fully aware that in order to be the Judas and lure America into destruction, you have to to it by stealth. Obama has mastered this stealth attack on American morals and now is attempting to unleash known foreign terrorists on our soil.

Let there be no doubt that America will overcome the destruction Obama sees for America. Just like Jesus became stronger in his destruction so will America become stronger after Obama finishes his destruction of America. Obama is busy apologizing and weakening America. However, after Obama's Judas like destruction of America, we will also rise again and institute peace through strength. We will balance our livelihood again because America is stronger than the American left believes. We are a nation built on ingenuity and innovatedness. America has never allowed a tyrant to rule our country we are not about to start now. Eventually, Obama's Judas following will find he is a betrayer rather than a messiah. Even Obama's ardent followers will eventually wake up and find that America is great because of its people. America is great in spite of its government. America is stronger than one person. We are a nation that controls its own destiny and will not follow the traitorous path Obama is spinning.

Obama's words and rhetoric say the right things to lull an unsuspecting flock. Obama's actions are the opposite and after the novelty of Obama wears off so will the blind following he now enjoys. America will wake up one day and know Obama is a destroyer. Obama went to Washington to destroy rather than build. In the end our nation will be stronger in spite of Obama the destroyer. We will adapt and overcome the wolf in sheep's clothing. Obama will be found to much more a traitor and much less a messiah in the end. Just like Judas, Obama is the great betrayer.

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