Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Diminished Capacity

Today the fawning pathetic pawns disrespected the Office of the presidency. The pathetic pawns had gathered for the Obama daily press conference. One reporter from Human Events (John Gizzi) had his cell phone ring in the middle of the conference not once but twice. After a jovial scolding by Obama's Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and taking Mr. Gizzi's cell phone one would have thought others would have had the common decency to either turn off their cell phones or at least turn them to vibrate. Alas it was not to be, Bill Plante had his cell phone ring. Not only did Mr. Plante have his phone ring, Mr. Plante had the audacity to take the call. This is blatant disrespect towards the Office of the Presidency.

What was going through the press corps mind? Why would they have such little respect for their chosen "One"? The answer is painfully obvious. Obama himself is to blame for these disrespectful actions. Obama is the celebrity wannbe. Obama dimished the office by going to Hollywood and sitting for Jay Leno. It was Obama that diminished his office by cracking jokes about the Special Olympics. It was Obama that went around the world on an apology tour. It was Obama that allowed the North Koreans to get away with lauching a multistage rocket. It was Obama that decided a wise gift for a legally blind Prime Minister a 25 DVD movie set from the wrong region. It was Obama that diminished the Office of the Presidency. And now we understand the fruits of his labors. Now not even Obama's fawning pathetic pawns in the media respect the office. I m sure Obama is getting what he intended. Obama is "liked" by everyone. However, the unintended consequences of his actions are the Obama is respected by none. What a shame that America voted for the celebrity caring only about his image rather than a President that cares about America's image.

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