Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Biden: Californian's Just Not Patroitic

Yesterday Californians turned out and voted down massive tax hikes proposed by a Democrat led State Legislature. The ballot initiatives that would have increased the State's coffers failed miserably. Californians said no to increased taxes. According to Joe Biden Californians must not be to patriotic.

Biden said during the campaign that it was patriotic to pay higher taxes. Paying more in taxes must only apply to Republicans because it has become more than evident that Democrats hate paying higher taxes. In fact leading Democrats can't even pay the taxes they owe now let alone higher taxes. It was Charles Rangel that forgot to pay taxes and also utilized subsidized low income lease to rent plush office space. So not only did Rangel not pay appropriate taxes he stole taxpayer money to subsidize a lavish lifestyle by inhabiting low income leased property.

Then of course we have tax cheat Timothy Geithner running the Treasury department. So now we have a liberal that can't pay taxes in charge of nothing less than collecting higher taxes. Tom Daschle had to withdraw from his nomination as Secretary of Health and Human services because he conveniently forgot to pay over $100,000 in taxes. In fact most of Obama's picks to lead our government are tax cheats.

This must mean that Democrats just are not all that patriotic. Certainly Californians must have lost their patriotic ways. Even Colin Powell believes Americans want to pay higher taxes. However, the hand writing is on the wall. Americans desire a government that spends within its means. They want less bureaucracy and more services. We all know this can be done. Look at the unemployment rates. They are highest in mainly Democrat led states with high tax rates. Ask California where their jobs are located. Ask Michigan where they are going to find jobs. How about Rhode Island?

Now we hear rumblings that California may request a taxpayer bailout. I am sure Obama will say California is too big to fail. We must bail out a reckless State to save the union jobs. The liberal bastion that is unpatriotic enough to vote down higher taxes will come to the rest of America and beg for our dollars to bail them out. Biden and Powell have misread the American public. Americans do not like higher taxes. Americans will pay for services, the problem is the government provides more bureaucracy than services. Americans must wake up and boot the political elitists that have ruined our country out of office. We must elect the true patriots of our country into office. The real Americans who only desire to serve the greatest nation on earth. Not the self serving elitists who constantly run for reelection without governing whatsoever. Our nation is at a cross roads. We must find a way out from beneath the two party system that has split a Nation.

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jeanniejo said...

Biden calls paying higher taxes a patriotic act
'We want to take money and put it back in the pocket of middle-class'

the more things change, the more they stay the same

I agree Political Lizard Annex - w/the following interpretation of the above phrase:

from my observation it's that turbulent changes do not affect reality on a deeper level other than to cement the status quo.

All politicians want to talk a good talk and appeal to the voters - it's a politician's ambition to always get re-elected (that is, of course unless term limited) and to keep the lobbyists happy. When one election has been completed, they are like Obama (and Joe) in constant campaign mode. The problem: reality and change set in only if the electorate allows them. A real change takes place with the old cliche "Throw the bums out"
(and bring in some new bums, lol)