Sunday, April 12, 2009

Yellow: Obama's True Colors

As the world watches the current foreign affairs Obama's true colors are showing. Plain and simple Obama is yellow. Obama is scared, chicken, and incapable of making decisions that require bold leadership. The Obama administration sent a host of Federal Bureau of Investigation agents to the seas to "negotiate" with foreign pirates. Not only is he sending what is predominately a domestic federal police force to foreign lands the agents are displaying why they should not have been the negotiators of choice in this matter.

Pirates are attacking American merchant ships with impunity. They have no fear of reprisals from the Americans as Obama sends the FBI into the fray to negotiate. The negotiations failed yesterday as the FBI used domestic tactics against a lawless bunch of thieves and terrorists. The pirates would have released their hostage if only the thieves were released. Instead our FBI demanded they be handed over to the local Somali law enforcement authorities. This is what should happen in a domestic hostage situation where people have a reason to live and follow the rules of law. Does this response make any sense to attempt in an foreign land where wrules the day? Obama should have taken bolder action. Perhaps the foreign affairs specialists should have been called in to negotiate. After all the incident is unfolding in foreign waters. America once sent in the marines to stamp out piracy along the Barbary coast. Now 200 years later Obama sends in the FBI.

The world watched as North Korea thumbed its nose at the UN and American condemnation. America's feeble attempt at addressing the the North Korea response was greeted with laughter. All that came out of the UN was a UN presidential decree. Non Binding of of course and the UN will never be enabled to enforce its own resolutions. Now Obama sends in an ill-trained and ill-equipped domestic law enforcement agency to "negotiate" on foreign lands. The appropriate response should have been to take out the Somali Pirates. We could have used "SEAL" Teams, CIA, or the marines. Instead Obama sits idly by voting present while hoping for the best. Rest assured America will be tested again and again until Obama shows he has a backbone. If Obama continues to refuse to show leadership, America will become the world's doormat.

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