Thursday, April 23, 2009

What was Obama Thinking?

Last week Genius-in-Chief Barack Obama released Bush administration memos outlining the use of "enhanced interrogation" techniques to obtain information from captured terrorists. Of these, the infamous waterboard tactic is by far the best known. Obama released the memos in an effort to attack Bush, and open the way for the possible prosecution of former Bush administartion lawyers who OK'd the enhanced interrogation tactics.

With the genie out of the bottle, Obama is now torn between "looking forward", or actively investigating, and perhaps prosecuting, Bush era lawyers. In typical Obama fashion, he dumped his mess on someone else, in this case US Attorney General Eric Holder. The truth is Obama has lost control of the situation. It seemed like a good idea when he thought he could embarrass Bush and provide comfort to our enemies. Now Obama must focus on damage control because it is now evident that Bush and his officials may not be the only ones culpable.

Everyone's favorite, Nancy Pelosi has been busy denying that she had ever been briefed on the interrogation tactics being used under Bush. However as this issue develops, and more information comes out, there are reports that Pelosi and members of the House Intelligence Commitee were regularly briefed by CIA officials on all the interrogation techniques being used in the war on terror. If this is true, why didn't Pelosi or her buddies speak their objections then? Why didn't they stop these torturers when they had the chance years ago? The answer is simple, Pelosi did not object to the techniques until Obama went public with the interrogation memos. Now she has been forced to lie about her involvement.

If Pelosi and other members of Congress were made aware of the interrogation tactics years ago, aren't they just as guilty as any of the Bush lawyers? Any investigation of the lawyers also has to include Pelosi and her fellow commitee members. Obama may have gone a bridge too far in his most recent effort to weaken the United States. It will be very difficult to shield people like Pelosi if Holder chooses to go forward with an investigation.

Will Obama release the records of these briefings? If he does, it will answer the question of whether or not Congress had this information in the early years of the war. Obama has once again proven that he is reckless, and does not realize the consequences of his actions. His enthusiastic attempt to attack the former President may very well end up damaging many sitting members of Congress. Is this what he intended? I don't think he even knows.

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