Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tea Parties: Rousing Success

On April 15, 2009, well over 250,000 Americans rallied and protested a government in Washington that is out of control. The grassroots effort was a rousing success. Some estimates for the mass protest run to over a half a million people. The protest was about the excesses of a government that enacted a gimmick to reduce some taxes all the while raising others (read regressive cigarette tax). The protest was more about reckless spending and not raising taxes as the liberal left would have one believe.

Senator Claire McCaskill went as far as the say she was confused concerning the protests. After all her savior reduced taxes. President Obama went as far to say he did know anything about these tea parties. How out of touch can one get. A Washington Senator being confused and a President that is too busy apologizing for America around the world instead of taking care of business back home. The voice of the people is not being heard by our political establishment.

American don't want tax gimmicks. Americans are not clamoring for tax cuts. Americans do not want class warfare. No none of these. Americans simply want a government of the people for the people. Americans want to tell the government what to do and not the government tell us what to do. Americans want the government to quit spending money frivolously and start being good stewards of the peoples money. Americans are tired of wasting millions bridges to no where. Americans are tired of wasting billions bailing out corporations so they can get bonuses.

The problem is not that we tax to little. I live in one of the most heavily taxed states in the country. This state has gone as far as to tax people simply because they make a decision to leave a state that over burdens it citizens with taxes. The problem truly is our government spends to much. Just last year the IRS took in more in revenue on APR 15 than ever before in the history of America and yet we still borrow trillions of dollars.

Yes the tea parties were a success. The grassroots showed up in droves and protested a government out of control. The left didn't understand them and still seem confused. Susan Roesgan attended one and showed just how out of touch our media really is. Her leftist attitude came shining through. The media wonders how Americans have come to despise the propaganda. All they have to do is look upon their own reporting objectively and they would see a picture that would make our founders roll over in their graves.

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