Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Obama's War

Obama and his Democrat comrades in Congress have embarked on an all out war. The pathetic pawns from the media in tow as the propaganda wing of the democratic party busy spouting every last coordinated talking from the administration. Today is tax day and across America 500 average grassroots Americans peacefully protested against this war being waged by Obama and his liberal enablers. Read the headlines and watch the videos if further proof is required that Obama has indeed started a war in this country. The liberals whine daily that the right should just shut up and follow. But the right will not be silenced and will speak out against the traitorous war Obama is waging. This is not a war against a foreign regime. This is not a war where the enemy is known and can be vanquished. No this is a war between fellow Americans. It is a class war pitting regular Americans against each other.

USA Today: Thousands turn out for anti-tax 'tea parties'- This headline calls the protest anti tax. However, these protests are anti government wasteful spending rather than anti tax. Obama is spending trillion rolls has will double the nations debt under his own budget plan. It took America 221 years to reach a debt of 11.5 trillion. Obama doubles it in under 100 days. To understand the tea parties of today we must understand that these protests are against wasteful governmental spending. Not against taxes.

Dallas News: Perry fires up anti-tax crowd-Now we have a state governor suggesting Texas will secede from the United States. Big problem lie ahead for America if this were ever to happen. Texas is business friendly and willing to drill for oil. Imagine a State seceding and charging America for oil.

Brietbart: US economy weak: Fed- The economy is weak and still in decline yet the pathetic pawns spin this as good news. How or why one might ask? Its because the pathetic pawns know Obama's plan to tax America into bankruptcy and out of existence is working to kill whatever is left of American ingenuity.

TV NEWSER: CNN Reporter at Chicago Tea Party: It's "Anti-CNN Since This is Highly Promoted By the Right-Wing, Conservative Network Fox"- When the left sent out reporters to watch a single protester like Cindy Sheehan they call her a hero and patriot. She exercised her right and protested a war she was in disagreement with. But CNN says the tea parties are Anti-government, anti cnn and believe the right is anti American. Why is it when the likes of William Ayers turn violent the are proclaimed as heroes but hundreds of thousands of peaceful protesters across this land are anti American?

Washington Times: Napolitano stands by 'rightwing extremism' report- Why is it that the pathetic pawns hail this as gospel when this document clearly is ambiguous enough that anyone right of center could fall into the extremist category? This document says nothing of the violent groups on the left and the likes of ACORN threatening the lives of CEO's yet everything right of center has the potential of extremist views.

Folks there is far more evidence that America is turning on herself. The propaganda is there. The violent protests are there all we have to do is look at the Tancredo speech and watch how violent protests get when someone disagrees with the most racist and class warfare agenda America has ever known. We have States like Texas threatening to secede. We have Anti government excess (stimulus and deficit spending) protests proclaimed as anti tax. We have claims of right wing extremist groups being more dangerous to America than foreign terrorists with designs on nuclear weapons. Yet we all know the left wing extremist groups have been far more violent just ask Bill Ayers. We have a government forcing bankruptcies. We have a government extorting companies and demanding CEO's resign. We have a government that ensures AIG received bonuses then fanned the fires of outrage. We have a poll where it is proclaimed "most Americans" agree with high deficit spending when a mere 37% actually agreed. Let me tell you folks America is on the brink of failure and this is the war Obama intends to fight.

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