Monday, April 27, 2009

Obama The Unwilling: Buzzes NYC

Obama has provided a glimpse of what his administration is all about. Obama the narcissist is so in love with himself that he can do no wrong. His administration is all about scapegoating taking no responsibility for his actions. Obama has demonstrated this time and again. Obama thought it would be cute to "buzz" New York City and the statue of Liberty. Obama ordered the Pentagon to conduct a flyover with a Air Force One lookalike and two F-16's. Of course when the political stunt didn't go over so well, true to form Obama feigns outrage and blames someone else.

Obama who didn't have the nerve to bring himself to volunteer for military service after the draft had ended used the military to strike fear into the hearts of his fellow American citizens. While he coddles to Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, and North Korea, Obama decides it would be cute to "buzz" a city struck on that fateful day back on September 11, 2001. Obama showed no compassion for the frayed nerves of a city that survived a disaster. Obama apologizes for "American Sins" around the globe but couldn't bring himself to accept responsibility for striking fear into the hearts of New Yorkers. No instead of owning up to his lack of compassion Obama shoves his White House Military Office director Louis Caldera under the infamous Obama bus.

Obama has a history of not accepting responsibility for his own actions. Remember the AIG bonuses to executives. The Obama administration demanded that Senator Christopher Dodd change the language of the bailout bill to specifically allow these bonuses. Obama instead of owning up to his mistake again feigned outrage and fanned the flames of outrage throughout the nation. Obama in his feigned outrage threw Chris Dodd under the infamous bus and to this day has accepted zero responsibility. In fact he told the "greedy bankers" that he was the only thing standing between them and an angry mob with pitchforks.

Then of course there is the massive budget deficit this year. We as a country have already passed debt day. What is debt day? Debt day is the day where the government runs out of money for the year. With a full five months to go before the end of the fiscal year and Obama has managed to already spend us into debt. Does he accept any responsibility for his massive spending spree? Nope, he blames this entire debt on Bush. Obama takes no responsibility for this deficit but has the audacity to say Washington must show fiscal restraint. Obama offers a pittance worth of cuts ($100 million) as a show of good faith. Obama welcomes Republican ideas to show fiscal restraint but in his words reserves the right of refusal. This is the same line he said when he was plowing our country into debt in January. Brought in the Republicans to ask for their input, didn't change one bit of his fiscal wreak (I mean stimulus) from the Republican input then has the audacity to feign anger when he received zero republican support in the house and 3 Republican supporters in the Senate.

The pattern is establish. Obama will take credit for anything that goes right. However when it comes to taking responsibility for his failures he will be unwilling. Obama the unwilling will find a scapegoat for his failures. No ownership, no direction, no leadership, and no responsibility. This must be what pragmatism means, take credit but shirk responsibility. Yes Obama the unwilling is really a big zero when it comes to responsibility.

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