Saturday, April 25, 2009

Obama: The Great Divider

Americans were duped into believing Obama and his cronies would be able to heal the division of the American people. Everyday it seems, American finds out new information that shows how Obama will keep America divided. Obama in a childish tantrum denounced Republicans yesterday and told them he was going to ram legislation down their throat.

Obama whined yesterday and told Republicans over and over again that because they would not jump on board the spend thrift bandwagon that he would not even allow them in on the discussion concerning health care. In other words just because the Republicans did not fawn over the media chosen President, they could not be involved in the health care discussions. The childish rant came because Republicans stood their ground rather then vote for proposals simply because Obama and the Democrats won. Obama believes because he won that the republicans should blindly follow him off the cliff. Obama even told the Republicans bi partisanship was simply following his lead. See if the republicans just followed the legislation would be bi-partisan. The problem is the Republicans held deep reservations and know that trillion dollar deficits are unsustainable.

Now instead of a debate on the best way forward on health care Obama intends on slamming his socialistic ideals through congress. No national debate, no congressional debate, just a ramrod shoving an over bloated health care proposal down our throat. Obama has painted the Republicans in a corner and decided he doesn't desire being bi-partisan. This will only further divide America further. We are a divided nation but the division is not along ideological lines but rather class lines.

Obama has become quite adept at dividing America further. While the pathetic pawns in his propaganda wing are hailing Obama as some kind of super hero the facts are Obama has split a Nation. Never before had a President and his policies been so widely protested in just 100 days. Over 500,000 people across our nation protested the massive spending hikes and trillion deficits proposed by Obama. The pathetic pawns attempt to hide this fact while they are hailing him. The pathetic pawns conveniently ignore the mass protests because they go against their meme that Obama i some kind of messiah. Obama divided the nation on deficit spending pitting the poor against the middle class. Obama pitted Democrats against Republicans by releasing one sided documentation on torture. Obama divided America down racial lines through his race baiting campaign. Sooner or later America will awake from their stupor and see that they were duped by an incompetent divider.


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