Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Obama: Domestic Terrorist in Chief

The President of the United States has become the chief terrorist in America. The terrorist in chief should be sued for his actions yesterday. In reality criminal charges should be brought against him for his terroristic activities. The “buzzing” of New York City should not be overlooked. Obama should not be allowed to throw some fawning lackey under the bus. Obama should not be allowed to feign outrage. What Obama authorized yesterday was nothing short of terrorist activity. This was more than simply sheer lack of judgment. This was more than cowardly. This was more than a sincere lack of compassion. This was more than simply an insincere and inconsiderate act. This was the act of an out of control President that is in love with himself.

There was no call for this so called “photo op”. I am unsure of what exactly was running through the President’s head when he thought it would be a great way of taking pictures of Air Force One being chased by F-16’s through restricted airspace in New York City. Why on Earth would a sitting President demand that the city officials not inform the public under punishment of federal law? This should be construed as what it is; an act of domestic terrorism. This so called “photo op” that the pathetic pawns in Obama’s propaganda wing are calling it was designed to strike fear in the hearts of New Yorkers. The administration didn’t inform the citizenry of their intentions because they wanted the full effect of a fearful citizenry. This is very similar to walking into a crowded theater and yelling “fire” then standing back and watching the stampede.

This is exactly what happened. As Obama demanded the military conduct low altitude flybys and buzzed the Statue of Liberty, the unsuspecting citizens rushed away from the scene in a panic. What Obama did was far worse than simply yelling fire in a crowded theater. Obama played off the fears of a wary public in the aftermath of 9/11. Obama simulated terrorist activities. This was not the act of a singular deranged person getting his kicks off others panic. This is a deranged and out of control administration that struck fear into the hearts of an entire city. There should be outrage in the National media. However, the fawning pathetic pawns are largely ignoring this story in favor of glowing worshipful “100 days” reports based on propaganda they produced. The pathetic pawns should be foaming at the mouth with pure outrage as the President diminished a nation yesterday.

Never mind Obama feigned outrage. This is his pattern. Obama himself is never guilty of anything. Whenever Obama has displayed his typical poor judgment he feigns his outrage and shines the light on someone else. Quite simply Obama takes zero responsibility for his actions, always blaming someone else. When it was found that he had been attending a racist church that spewed hatred and discontent, Obama threw his pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright under the bus. When Obama shoved his stimulus bill down our throats and he blamed the wall street bankers. When Obama signed a pork laden omnibus bill he blamed Bush for unfinished business. When he demanded AIG executives receive bonuses by forcing Senator Dodd to change language in the bailout bill that would have prevented outrageous bonuses, Obama blamed it on Geithner and Dodd. When Obama receives tea bags in the mail from the Tea Party protesters, he blames the republicans in Congress for not supporting his deficit spending. Now when he commits a terrorist act Obama blames the White House Military Office director, Louis Caldera and throws him under the infamous bus.

When is this immature clown going to accept responsibility? Obama is sickening in his methodical approach towards destroying a nation. Obama’s appeasement philosophy have made us less safe. Obama’s terrorist activities have made our cities unstable. Obama’s fiscal policies have undermined our financial stability. Obama’s apology tour diminished a nation. Obama appearance on the late night comedy hour shows diminished his office. This narcissistic slug is ruining our country and our lovely free press is ignoring the news.

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