Sunday, April 5, 2009

North Korea Flexes: Obama Wilts

The appeasement philosophy demonstrated by Obama has made our country much less safe than it was just a short 70 days ago. Last evening North Korea thumbed their nose at the "serious rebuke" and "Strong Opposition" Obama provided in response to North Korea announcement of intentions to launch a missile capable of hitting the US by launching said missile without giving Obama a second thought. The current appeasement administration allowed North Korea to launch a missile as a demonstration of their capability and increase their potential to sell missile technology.

Obama's only response to the launch was to take it up with the UN security council. Obama whined that the North Koreans violated a UN resolution. Obama whined for tougher sanctions and stronger resolutions. This show of weakness by Obama is not making us any safer at home or abroad. This non response has zero possibility of working to curtail North Korea. In fact it will only make it easier for the Chinese and Russians to walk over the top of us. By only taking this to the UN security where there is no chance of instituting stronger sanctions we appear weak and ineffective. The Chinese are sitting back waiting for the response. With a weak President in the US what will stop China from taking Taiwan by force under Obama? What is going to stop the Russians from parking bombers capable of dropping nuclear weapons 90 miles off our coast. If we can't come up with a stronger response to a failed state in North Korea how how can we stand up to the Russians or Chinese?

Obama's weakness is showing. Joe Biden was correct when he said Obama will be tested in the first six months. In fact Obama was tested when the Russians announced they would use Cuban airfields to park their Bombers on. Obama was tested when the Chinese floated the idea retaking Taiwan by force. Again the Chinese tested Obama by harassing our ships at sea. Now the Chinese and Russians are sitting back looking for America to respond. These are little tests of our resolve and Obama is falling into the trap. His weakness as a leader shines through with every non response. The North Koreans flexed their muscle yesterday and Obama is wilting today. In Obama's desire to be a liked celebrity he is failing at garnering any respect.

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